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Jinyifa's latest product ice carving liquid has been successfully developed.

jinyifa Ceramic Pigment Co., Ltd. is an Italian wholly-owned enterprise, mainly engaged in the development, production and operation of glass, ceramics, flower paper pigments and adhesive film products. Jinyifa company has strong technical force and a team of young and middle-aged experts and scientific research technicians with very high professional standards. The shrinkage rate of the company's experimental equipment is small, and the equipment is advanced and complete. It introduces the most advanced professional production equipment in Germany, with an annual production capacity of more than 50000 tons. Jinyifa's latest product - glass ice sculpture (ice flower) liquid has been successfully developed

this ice carving liquid has beautiful patterns, simple operation and less smell. It is suitable for flat glass, screen curtain wall and furniture glass. 1. Maximum experimental force: 600kN High grade mirrors, etc. Operation method: stick the back of the glass tightly with protective glue to avoid entering the ice sculpture (ice flower) liquid. The front of the glass is pasted tightly with protective glue and engraved with patterns. Then stick the front side tightly with a cm thick rubber pad to pad up the glass. Put the front side of the glass (one side of the pattern) flat down into the ice carving liquid and soak it for about 1 hour (the soaking time depends on the concentration of the ice carving liquid and the depth of the effect of the ice carving glass). Finally, take out the glass with rubber gloves (the ice carving liquid is corrosive), wash the glass with tap water and tear off the protective tape. The back of the glass shall be tightly pasted with protective glue to avoid entering the ice carving liquid. The front side of the glass (one side of the pattern) can be screen printed with anti-corrosion ink, which is suitable for 120 mesh silk printing. After the ink dries naturally or dries, stick the front side of the glass (one side of the pattern) with a centigrade pad. The front side of the glass is facing down, the back side is facing up, and immerse it in the ice carving liquid for 1 hour. Take out the glass with a hand cover, use deinking agent to clean the glass ink, and wash the glass with water

at present, the marketing network of jinyifa company is all over the major ceramic production areas in the country, and has established good cooperative relations with many glass deep-processing enterprises. While working together with domestic partners, jinyifa's products are also shining in the international market with their excellent quality. In 15 countries in Europe and the United States and Central Asia with more than 10 billion yuan, graphene has excellent antibacterial properties and low-temperature far-infrared function. Yifa's products have formed a competitiveness with quality rather than price as the core, bringing ceramic fragrance and glass glow to the international market

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