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New printing profit point: personalized printing

with the development of the times, people not only hope to print as much as they need anytime and anywhere, but also hope that the shorter the delivery time, the better and the cheaper the price. This requirement forces traditional printers to seek new printing methods, and personalized printing just meets the above requirements

personalized printing -- where is sacred?

the concept of personalized printing has not been unified in China so far. It is generally called printing on demand abroad, that is, printing on demand, abbreviated as pod. As for the definition of p0d, a popular one is "printing business where customers have special requirements for product quantity, production cycle and other aspects." That is, during the printing process, the printed image or text can be constantly changed according to the preset content and format, so that each printed matter from the first to the last has a different image or text, and each printed matter can be designed and printed for its specific distribution object. The control system of the experimental machine is that the controller stops controlling the operation of the servo motor through the speed regulation system, and the fine screw pair can drive the moving beam to rise and fall to complete the experiment. It requires that the unified printing method can only print a certain number of prints with the same content at a time

in addition, personalized printing is easy to associate with variable printing or short edition printing, but in fact, these two concepts are not very accurate. The so-called variable printing, which is the same feature of printing, costs another 10000 yuan, but traditional printing changes between batches, while personalized printing changes within batches. Compared with the "short version", what stands out is the size of the batch, which does not reflect the connotation of personalization

personalized printing - where to show your skill

personalized printing is mainly used in the business field and people's daily life and work. Its market mainly exists in three fields, one is the e-commerce market. The development of Internet has laid a foundation for e-commerce activities. With the rise of e-commerce. The personalized demand for various manuals, commercial advertisements, conference materials, etc. will increase significantly; Second, product personalized services. Some manufacturers need to make a personalized brochure for some goods in order to establish the relationship between goods and customers; Third, for the service of commercial agencies, there are many commercial agencies in Beijing. They often need different advertising, packaging, promotional materials, etc. to contact different customers, which is also a huge market for personalized printing

the main products of personalized printing include the internal materials of enterprise groups, legal texts, magazine advertisements, personal information, product catalogs, technology and system configuration instructions and Patent Texts of large-scale products. However, from the perspective of future development trends, there are personalized needs and potential markets in all printing markets, such as publications, commercial printing, cards, packaging, trademarks, newspapers, etc

at present, the more realistic market profit points of personalized printing, such as tickets, admission tickets, signs, and some conference materials and negotiation materials, are mainly met by copiers. However, one disadvantage of copiers is that it is difficult to carry out variable printing, and personalized printing equipment can make up for this deficiency

personalized printing - the mystery of action

the emergence of personalized printing mainly depends on two basic conditions, the perfection of personalized digital page files and the maturity of technical equipment that converts digital pages into printed matter. Among them, the former can be classified as colorful prepress technology, while the latter refers to what we call "digital printing machine" today. Among the two, digital printing machine is the key

there are mainly two kinds of equipment that can do personalized printing, one is in the form of magnetic ink, and the other is in the form of magnetic powder. The former is represented by Indigo series products, while the latter includes Xerox. The main digital printing machines in the market include indigo series, Xeikon DCP/500, dodak 8670ps, IBM infoprint color100, Heidelberg Speedmaster di74 and karat series. All kinds of equipment have their own advantages, but for the Chinese market, the price is a little high, so it is difficult to promote. In addition, HP series laser printers, such as HP laser jef8500, can also be engaged in personalized printing. Its speed is slower than the above-mentioned equipment, but it has a great advantage in price, only about 1/20 of them, 7 First, the sample is clamped at the end of the sensor and the quality is also very good, which has great development potential in China

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