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The operation of Zhuzhou steel plant in the later stage of attracting 230million capital may be more cautious. Ten projects were signed and packaged with RMB

on August 13, applause continued in the multi-function conference hall of Torch Building, high tech Zone, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. Another 10 projects were signed in the District, with the contract capital of about 230million yuan. After the projects were put into operation, the annual tax increase was nearly 20million yuan. The year 2004 is the project construction year determined by the high tech Zone. It can calculate, analyze and deal with the consequences of single piece and group experiments, micro print the output area of various declaration situations, strengthen the construction of projects entering the area, carry out the activities of "satisfying the new area" and "Ping'an New Area", further optimize the economic development environment, increase the work force of attracting investment, and conduct torsional strength and fatigue test comparison between the welded top cap sandwich panel and the same riveted parts in production and structure, so as to improve the working method of attracting investment

the 10 projects signed this time are: Zhuzhou comer Technology Development Co., Ltd. invested 70million yuan to build comer biological high-tech industrial park; Zhuzhou Chengda Industrial Co., Ltd. invested 30million yuan to build two new Chengda industrial laboratory production lines and a research institute; Zhuzhou Tianma Industrial Co., Ltd. invested 21million yuan to build a silica sol mold precision casting production line; Zhuzhou Changjiang cemented carbide products factory invested 20million yuan to carry out deep processing of alloy cutting tools and molds; Zhuzhoushi Industrial Co., Ltd., zhuzhoushi Special Metals Co., Ltd. and American material gene Co., Ltd. jointly invested US $3million to build a high-tech material industrial storage data park; Changsha Xuri plastic packaging Co., Ltd. invested 10million yuan to build a food plastic vacuum packaging production line; Beijing shuanglv Green Fertilizer Development Co., Ltd. invested 20million yuan to establish a shuanglv green fertilizer production line; Zhuzhou Hongfa Taxi Co., Ltd. invested 20million yuan to establish an automobile maintenance center; Zhuzhou Zhenxing stainless steel products factory invested 11million yuan to build a production line of stainless steel series products; Zhuzhou Zhaohui Technology Co., Ltd. invested 5million yuan to build a tourism supplies manufacturing line

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