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Zhushan introduced insulating glass production line to fill the market gap

on November 10, the insulating glass production line of Xinchao building materials company in the county was put into mass production, and the workers were operating to produce insulating glass

in mid July this year, Xinchao building materials company of the county introduced the utilization requirements of universal tensile testing machine fixtures through investment invitation: at present, some electronic tensile testing machines in the market adopt ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion electromechanical beihuangmei, Jiangsu merchants invested 50million yuan to introduce a fully automatic insulating glass production line, which is the only glass deep processing enterprise in our county with this technology. According to reports, the daily production of insulating glass can reach 500 square meters, with a monthly output value of more than 3 million yuan and an annual income of more than 30 million yuan

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