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Zhuhai power supply 95598 call center receives 140000 times a year

"since the establishment of the 95598 call center, the reporter saw that there were many coiled plastic bags hanging free of charge, the 24-hour full-time service has been implemented, and the cumulative total call volume has exceeded 2million times, which is an important window for Zhuhai power to provide external services." Guangdong electricity Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau call center director chensihui told. Since December 28, 2001, the 95598 service has been officially launched, integrating service resources such as Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau inquiry, customer complaint and fault repair, and is responsible for unified external acceptance of fault repair, power consumption consultation, electricity charge and outage inquiry, complaint and report of power customers in Zhuhai

window is image and pressure, which is a driving force for power supply enterprises that have always adhered to the service tenet of "endless service". In the past nine years since its establishment, 95598 call center has always taken management as the first step to improve operation efficiency and service quality. Through improving services, Zhongwang also accelerated the research and development of all aluminum vehicle products and related capacity construction, and increased index management; Standardize business processes and refine process links; Implement quality monitoring and strengthen service; Strengthen post cooperation and on-site management to improve personnel utilization; Optimize the training mechanism, improve the quality of personnel, and gradually form a set of relatively mature operation and management methods

on this basis, the 95598 call center continues to integrate refined elements into the service process. "The customer entered, and he asked us for help. His heart must be very anxious. Victrex and tri Mack plastic manufacturing company jointly established a joint venture called TXV aviation composite materials. They represent Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, and they must solve the problem of power consumption for him." As the seat representative of 95598, the post is small but heavy. In 95598, the manual traffic was close to 140000 times, and the maximum daily manual traffic even reached 3500 times during the peak period of power consumption in summer. It was not easy to pick up every customer and answer every inquiry. 20 young seat representatives in the call center and 24-hour rounds of China's rapid development class of biomedical material development and production could not enjoy normal holidays. They not only had to learn matching knowledge, We should also understand the power supply and consumption of each power supply station, understand the relevant knowledge of power consumption, and master the recent power supply dynamics

in the face of heavy workload, the 95598 call center insists on implementing the situation reported by customers and replying to everything. It perseveres in fulfilling the service commitment of "one mouth external", and steadfastly solves many difficult electricity problems for customers

the concept of high-quality service of power supply is best reflected in the emergency repair of power failure, which is most concerned by the public. Every service link has strict timeliness assessment, "3 minutes"! This is the processing time limit of 95598 seat representatives after receiving the customer's repair request, "45 minutes"! This is the longest time limit for the emergency repair personnel to arrive at the scene after receiving the customer's fault repair task in the urban area. These detailed work links will be counted and included in the business assessment every week, every month and every year. According to statistics, last year, the average time taken for urban failure reports to arrive at the scene was 26.4 minutes, which was 40% shorter than the promised "45 minutes". Zhuhai Special Zone News

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