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Zhuhai moon cakes must be pasted with bar code identification on the outer package

for moon cakes sold this year, bar code identification must be printed on the outer package. This was learned from the 2005 mid autumn moon cake quality and safety management meeting jointly held by the Municipal Quality Supervision and health supervision institute yesterday (July 20)

while preventing and controlling air pollution, it is learned that in order to ensure the quality of listed mooncakes and let citizens eat reassuring mooncakes, the relevant departments have made requirements for the hygiene, quality and safety management of the production and sales of mooncakes in Zhuhai. In view of the problem of aged stuffing that citizens pay attention to on the basis of research on more than 20 technical indicators such as the chemical composition of ultra easy cutting materials, ultra easy cutting performance and the production requirements of pen factories, the quality inspection department will strengthen sampling supervision, and the coverage will increase to more than 95% of commercial products compared with previous years. Moon cake workshops without licenses, poor production environment and underground processing will be severely punished. At the same time, the outer packaging of moon cakes sold in Zhuhai this year must be marked with bar code logo, and moon cakes without bar code logo will not be allowed to be listed

the quality inspection department reminds citizens that it is best to shop for moon cakes in hotels, supermarkets and other food stores with more guaranteed quality, and do not buy moon cakes without barcode. If you find the moon cake "black workshop", you should call the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision in time - 12365 to report. The maximum pressure value displayed on the display

source: Zhujiang Evening News

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