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Zhumadian Nanyang 1000 kV AC UHV project was approved

according to the visible app, as a supporting project of Qinghai Henan ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project, Zhumadian Nanyang 1000 kV AC UHV transmission and transformation project has recently been approved by Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission

basic information such as the name of the construction project, site selection and route selection, and the design content of the deflection tensile coefficient D of the construction project

(I) name of the construction project

Zhumadian - with the advantages of wide measurement range, high accuracy, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance - Nanyang UHV AC project

(II) site selection

1000kv Zhumadian substation is located in caigou Township, Shangcai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province. 1000kV Nanyang substation is located in the area of Shizhai village and Wanggang village in the south of Zhaohe Town, Fangcheng County, Nanyang City, Henan Province and the junction area of Guangyang town. The new Zhumadian Nanyang 1000kV UHV AC line project passes through Zhumadian City, Pingdingshan City and Nanyang City, Henan Province

(III) construction content

(1) new Zhumadian 1000kV substation: new main transformer, 1000kV outgoing line, shunt high voltage reactor and other related electrical equipment in this phase

(2) expansion of Nanyang 1000kV substation: 1000kV outgoing line Bay, high-voltage reactor and other electrical equipment will be expanded in this phase to continuously understand the needs of customers and improve the product standards, management methods, production process and other equipment of the enterprise

(3) new Zhumadian Nanyang 1000kV UHV AC line: the path length is about 190km, and the same tower double circuit construction

(IV) environmental protection of existing projects

1000kv Nanyang substation is an existing substation, and 2 × 3000mva main transformer, 1000kV outgoing line, 2 circuits, 2 × 720mvar high voltage shunt reactor, etc. the latest phase of the main project has passed the environmental protection acceptance of the project completion in 2012

since the state restarted the approval of UHV projects in September, 3 of the 12 UHV projects to be approved have been approved

On October 22, the national development and Reform Commission officially approved the Qinghai Henan ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project, with a static investment of 22.559 billion yuan

at the end of November, the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved the Zhangbei xiongan 1000 kV high voltage AC transmission and transformation project

on November 19, the bidding and procurement conclusion of 1000 kV Zhangbei xiongan and Zhumadian Nanyang UHV AC transmission and transformation projects of State Grid Corporation of China ended before Halloween every year. Six subsidiaries of China energy construction planning and design group won the bid for 8 of the 12 survey and design packages

these are all in the 12 UHV project plans to be approved

on September 3 this year, the National Energy Administration officially issued the notice on accelerating the planning and construction of a number of key power transmission and transformation projects (gnfd [2018] No. 70), which plans to review 12 UHV projects this year and next

the tracking research of UHV technology in China began in the 1980s. At the end of 2004, China began to carry out large-scale research and demonstration, technical research and engineering practice

over the past decade, China's UHV has gone through four stages: startup, questioning, large-scale development, stagnation and restart. 2004 is the starting point of UHV research. Construction was started in 2006. In 2011, UHV construction was included in the 12th Five Year Plan. 2014 was the peak period of UHV approval. In 2016, UHV construction was centralized, and the process of UHV approval and construction slowed down in 2017

Up to now, China has built 21 UHV projects with a total investment of about 407.3 billion yuan

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