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Zhumadian explosion-proof cable zr

Zhumadian explosion-proof cable Zr yjvrx1.5 steel wire armored flame-retardant control cable

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Zhumadian explosion-proof cable Zr yjvrx1.5 steel wire armored flame-retardant control cable

Tianjin Cable Factory The branch is a subordinate branch of Tianjin Cable Factory. It is a professional manufacturer of mining communication cables, mining explosion-proof communication cables, mining communication cables, mining control cables, mining signal cables, mining cables and municipal communication cables, with a production history of more than 40 years Tianjin Cable Factory branch currently has 500 employees and a factory area of 50000 square meters. Its leading products include mining communication cables, mining signal cables, mining control cables, mining monitoring cables, mining monitoring cables, mining explosion-proof wires, mining explosion-proof communication cables, urban communication cables, armored communication cables, armored shielded communication cables, plastic local telephone cables, communication power lines, railway signal cables, office cables, distribution cables, Computer cables, lighting cables, etc

? According to the requirements of users, various five core cables with/kv circular conductor structure or fan-shaped conductor structure can be produced.? KVV type Zr KVV type/v copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed steel tape armored control cable?.? KVV type Zr KVV type/v copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed steel wire armored control cable?,? KVVR Zr KVVR/v copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed control flexible cable?, Plastic copper wire type bv wire is divided into Zr BV and -bv copper core PVC insulated flame retardant wire insulation material is added with flame retardant. The NH bv copper core PVC insulated fire-resistant wire can also be used normally when it is on fire. The scientific name of BV wire is copper core PVC insulated wire four high temperature resistant control cable fluoroplastic insulated high temperature resistant control cable purpose fluoroplastic insulated high temperature resistant control cable is suitable for control and monitoring circuits with AC rated voltage/V and below, connecting wires of electrical instruments and transmission lines of automatic control systems

one. Overshoot method

often measure the outer diameter of the extruded package, check the thickness of the plastic layer, and if it is found that the outer diameter changes or the plastic layer is uneven, immediately adjust, select and match the mold, check the quality of the core, tighten the mold screws after adjusting the mold, tighten the cover, observe, etc. Control the screw, traction ammeter and voltmeter at any time. If it is found to be unstable, find relevant personnel to handle and repair it in time, and strictly control the temperature. According to the requirements of the process specification, pay attention not to add an analyzer in the hopper to detect the impact force strip or strip while detecting the impact energy. If you find this situation, you should immediately

5。 Uneven product outer diameter and slub shape

1. Uneven thickness and slub shape

due to unstable screw or traction, the product diameter is uneven, and the traction force is suddenly unstable

the plastic layer is extruded into the shape of bamboo. The main reason for the uneven thickness of plastic layer in extrusion packaging is that the selection of mold is small and the outer diameter of core or cable core changes greatly

2。 Reasons for uneven thickness and slub shape

uneven winding, starting and traction speed, large changes in the outer diameter of Chaoyang cable semi-finished products, improper mold selection, uneven speed of main motor, loose or slipping belt, and unstable screw speed

service characteristics · rated power frequency voltage u/u:/kv, single core cables are not allowed to be laid in magnetic pipes. This product is applicable to all kinds of electrical equipment and control systems in places with high fire risk and high importance of fire safety. First, product characteristics and application: high temperature resistant fire control cable has high fire resistance and can withstand direct fire. There will be no short circuit and open circuit faults within a certain period of time, which is conducive to loss in case of fire. Product characteristics and application of distributed instrument signal cable this product is an upgraded product of computer control cable. Its main feature is that each pair or three wire group has a single shield, which is called "split screen". The split screen has three kinds of copper wire or tinned copper wire braided shield, aluminum plastic composite tape wrapped shield, copper plastic composite tape wrapped shield, Navigation light cable -jdyjy kV name navigation light cable model and specification jdyjy- ×× The rated voltage kV refers to the standard gb/t, and the cross-linked polyethylene insulated navigation light cable is suitable for the navigation light transmission system

theoretically, the transmission distance of RS can reach meters, but in practical application, the transmission distance promotes the water efficiency benchmarking of water enterprises to be less than meters, and the specific length is affected by the surrounding, Communication cables include paper insulated local telephone cables, polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed local telephone cables, long-distance symmetrical cables include paper insulated high and low frequency long-distance symmetrical cables, copper core foam polyethylene high and low frequency long-distance symmetrical cables, and digital transmission long-distance symmetrical cables. Coaxial and micro coaxial cables in small coaxial cables, coaxial submarine cables, coaxial RF, under certain conditions, can also be used to transmit digital signals above kbit/s, Used for short distance signal transmission. The high transmission is MHz and MHz respectively. It is mainly used for pipeline laying, filling and pouring with petroleum paste on the inner and outer surfaces of cable core and shielding layer. The EU evaluates the safety of the recycling process of general plastics in food contact materials to prevent moisture intrusion. I. product introduction power transmission and distribution system for power cables, AC rated voltage/kv PVC insulated power cables and kV and below cross-linked polyethylene power cables produced by our company

two. Methods for uneven wall thickness and tube shape

often check whether the screw, traction and retraction speed are uniform and stable, select and match the mold to prevent backing, often measure the outer diameter of wire core and cable core, timely adjust the screw and traction speed in case of large changes, and check the operation of electromechanical equipment. Before driving, find out the problem and immediately find the assembler and electrician for repair

6。 Pores and bubbles

the part of the plastic layer has visible air holes and bubbles

1。 The reason for this phenomenon is the local control of high temperature or in plastics. After the machine is shut down, the excess gas in the plastic will not be, and will be naturally affected

2。 The method shall be applicable to the temperature control of each section. If it is found, the temperature should be adjusted immediately to prevent local temperature from being too high. The quality of plastic should be strictly checked during feeding. Especially in the rainy season, when the water temperature is found to be water, it should be stopped immediately. Then the moisture shall be removed, and the preheating device shall be installed at the feeding position to remove the moisture and moisture of the plastic or dry the plastic

Zhumadian explosion-proof cable zr-yjvrx1.5 steel wire armored flame-retardant control cable

forms a sealing sheath. Zr bpffp fluorine insulated and sheathed copper wire braided shielded high-temperature variable-frequency power cable, Zr bpffp fluorine insulated and sheathed copper tape wrapped shielded high-temperature variable-frequency power cable, the qualification standard is that the residual flame shall not exceed seconds, the sample shall not burn more than% and the cotton padded on the bottom shall not be dropped, which is similar, but the combustion time is different. This grade also has no smoke or specifications, and is only used in home or small office systems where a single cable is laid. Such cables should not be laid in bundles. Sleeves must be used. Even in some cases, impedance matching can be achieved by matching the resistance in parallel at the end, but in the long run, once the resistance changes for some reason, it will fail again. This method will also bring the disadvantages of increasing the power consumption of the system. HYAT filled armor cable is used in the complexity of the corresponding network construction of metropolitan communication

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