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Zhuxi equipment manufacturing adds new financial impetus

Guangdong advanced equipment manufacturing property growth adds new financial impetus. On March 18, China's first professional equipment manufacturing insurance company, Jiulong wealth Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiulong insurance") closed its business in Hengqin, Zhuhai. It manipulated the IOT data platform to provide professional insurance services for equipment manufacturing properties across the province and even the world, promoted the added value of equipment manufacturing products, and helped implement the "made in China 2025" and "the Belt and Road" plans

After making up for the insurance vacancy in the equipment manufacturing industry, Guangdong is fully supporting the advanced equipment manufacturing property belt on the West Bank of the Pearl River, encouraging the transformation and upgrading of property, and has achieved remarkable results

however, from the perspective of all property chains, there was no professional equipment manufacturing and insurance enterprise in the whole province and even the capital city, The advanced equipment manufacturing industry is lack of marketization, durski said: "This is the development trend that we want to follow and support, and the insurance sharing mechanism has inevitably affected the growth of property. The establishment of Jiulong insurance has made up for this vacancy in Guangdong, and further improved the property chain of advanced equipment manufacturing through financial innovation.

according to the introduction, before the experiment, the friction times required by the experimental specifications or customized by the operator will be output to control the fragmentary company, which will rely on IOT and Da Nianye Data, focusing on high-end equipment manufacturing property, customizing insurance products and services according to the risk characteristics of customers, and improving market supply. On the one hand, it can provide a series of exclusive risk treatment schemes for equipment users and the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, including equipment man hour index insurance, wind power index insurance, UBI insurance, etc; On the other hand, based on the timely monitoring of the equipment, we can grasp the working condition information and environmental information of the equipment, determine the equipment risk over a long distance with the help of the big data risk identification model, and put forward early warning and handling methods for the risk, so as to effectively reduce the risk loss

"innovative insurance products can deal with the worries of some equipment manufacturing industries and break the bottleneck that hinders the serious property utilization of technological equipment. Jiulong manipulates the innovative advantages of Hengqin to provide professional insurance services, which can spur the growth of equipment manufacturing property in Zhuhai and even all the West Bank of the Pearl River." Said wangxujin, director of the insurance research center of Beijing University of industry and commerce

financial innovation helps Zhonghua equipment "go global"

Jiulong insurance was proposed to be established by 15 shareholders, including Sany, a leading international engineering equipment manufacturing enterprise, and Zhuhai Danian Hengqin Investment Co., Ltd., and its headquarters are located in Hengqin. This verification regulation is applicable to the verification of impact resistance testing machines for automotive safety glasses newly manufactured, used and repaired, with a registered capital of 1billion yuan. According to my experience, this is also the first Tianxia insurance company headquartered in Zhuhai, which has become a rebirth force of Hengqin free trade zone to help the growth of the real economy with financial innovation and headquarters economy

relying on the financial innovation platform of Hengqin free trade area, Jiulong insurance will promote the smooth understanding of property capital and financial capital. Xiang Wenbo, chairman of Jiulong insurance, said that Jiulong will strive to participate in the understanding of the smooth flow of Zhuhai Hong Kong Macao gold, introduce high-end talents in the financial and insurance industry, and operate innovations in the fields of "Internet +", "intelligent manufacturing" and "new power" within the scope promised by the Department

under the background of the accelerated promotion of the "the Belt and Road", relying on Sany's professional advantages in equipment manufacturing, Hengqin's advantages in connecting Hong Kong and Macao and financial innovation, Jiulong insurance is also expected to provide characteristic financial services for the "going out" of Chinese equipment manufacturing products

with the growth of market economy and the deepening of economic globalization, insurance has become an indispensable part of international trade. Luo Zhongmin, former president of the China Insurance Association, introduced that with the strengthening of property strength, more and more Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises have accelerated the "going out" method, but the lagging of equipment insurance has affected the competitiveness of equipment manufacturing enterprises. "Jiulong has made up for the vacancy in the vertical scope of professional insurance for equipment manufacturing. By manipulating the popular risk management method of insurance, however, the existing thermosetting composites (epoxy or polyester) are difficult to recycle at the end of their service life, which can better help equipment manufacturing enterprises participate in the support of the 'the Belt and Road'."

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