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Zhuzhou Chaling road maintenance skill competition loader show "needle piercing" skill

Zhuzhou Chaling road maintenance skill competition loader show "needle piercing" skill

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which loader technology is better? Today, at the scene of the provincial road maintenance skills competition held in Chaling, Zhuzhou, 42 road maintenance workers from 14 cities and prefectures competed together, and the clumsy loader performed the unique skill of "threading the needle"

the author saw at the scene of the competition that there was an iron wire tied to the bucket of a loader, and there was a platform about 5 meters in front of it, with five screw caps with a diameter of about 2 cm. The contestants must drive and operate the loader, and use the iron wire on the bucket to put on the screw cap as soon as possible. A contestant from Yiyang put on five screw caps in less than two minutes with the force of "four Liang per kilogram"

according to the referee, the loader designated operation competition aims to test the universal tensile testing machine fixture of maintenance workers: accurate loading skills. The first place of the competition was won by Yiyang Highway Bureau

today's competition also includes two items: cleaning and filling joints of cement pavement and repairing pits and grooves of asphalt pavement. The champions were all won by Zhuzhou Highway Bureau. Huaihua Highway Bureau, Yueyang Highway Bureau and Yiyang Highway Bureau, in order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, won the first prize of the group total score

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