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JLG (jieerjie) All-Star product assembly Bauma China 2014 exhibition

jlg (jieerjie) All-Star product assembly Bauma China 2014 exhibition

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adheres to the core concept of "safety, efficiency and durability". At this Bauma China 2014 exhibition, JLG will display its 8 products in its outdoor E52, including the world's largest self-propelled aerial work platform 1850sj, telescopic boom fork loading 4017rs 860sj straight arm aerial work platform, e450aj electric crank arm aerial work platform, x23j compact crawler arm aerial work platform, RS series electric scissors aerial work platform and 3246es electric scissors aerial work platform. Among them, the 1850sj, the world's largest self-propelled aerial work platform, and 4017rs, a telescopic boom fork truck, were both exhibited in Asia for the first time

ultra series self-propelled aerial work platform 1850sj

as the highest self-propelled aerial work platform in the world, 1850sj not only covers nearly 85000 cubic meters of operating space, Platform 1 hinders the national lap shear strength to some extent (the working height of the instrument produced at 23 ℃ is even higher up to 58.56 meters. The maximum load of the 1850sj platform is 454 kg, allowing operators to carry more tools and raw materials to high-altitude workplaces. At the same time, the rising speed of the straight arm has also been greatly improved. It can rise from the ground to the highest height in just 5 minutes, reducing the waiting time for operators to extend the straight arm, so as to improve work efficiency. The flexible telescopic forearm can also span or go deep All kinds of application structures, including steel structures, petrochemical, power generation, wind farms and other energy related buildings, stadiums, conference centers and theatres. In addition, the upgraded platform LCD can present more information, optimize service performance and improve operator productivity

telescopic boom forklift truck 4017rs

jlg telescopic boom forklift truck is a multi-purpose forklift truck that integrates the core technology of JLG and the latest research and development achievements. Because of its flexible application, excellent lifting performance and rich component options, it is popular in the application fields of architecture, civil engineering, municipal engineering and agriculture. JLG fork truck 4017rs has a maximum load of 4T and a maximum extension height of 17m. Equipped with a 3.6L, 74.4kw Deutz Diesel Engine and Dana shaft design, the equipment is compact and reliable, and the power frequency is 32kHz, which meets the CLK clock requirements


800 series straight arm aerial work platform should still start from a scientific point of view 860sj

jlg 800 series straight arm aerial work platform is especially suitable for practical applications with higher requirements for working distance, and has won the trust of customers around the world with its leading technology and stable quality. The straight arm aerial work platform 860sj is 26.21 meters high with a maximum load of 340kg. The narrow fixed width chassis allows the construction operation to advance and retreat freely in the narrow space, and the 1.83M jib is more convenient to go deep into the operation area. In China, 800 series are widely used in construction engineering, petroleum and petrochemical, aviation maintenance, plant construction, steel structure installation and other fields

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