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JLG (jieerjie) shouldered the heavy responsibility of repairing the "famous brand" of Nanpu Bridge. JLG (jieerjie) shouldered the heavy responsibility of repairing the "famous brand" of Nanpu Bridge. On July 15, 2015, Shanghai - the ninth typhoon of this year, "canhong", made a strong landing in the coastal areas of Fujian and Zhejiang. Although it finally passed Shanghai, the days of fierce storms still laid hidden dangers for the safety of various road facilities in Shanghai. Early on Monday morning, the road administration department found during the inspection that the word "bridge" on the name plate of Nanpu Bridge may have become loose due to days of wind and rain. In order to ensure safety, the maintenance unit immediately organized emergency repair. JLG straight arm aerial work platform 1850sj was appointed at the critical moment and actively cooperated with the bridge name of the main tower in the urgent repair task. During the rush repair of the famous bridge brands, this shiny orange attracted special attention

jlg (jieerjie) shoulders the important task of repairing the "famous brand" of Nanpu Bridge

Nanpu Bridge is 8346 meters long and is the first bridge across the Huangpu River in Shanghai. The bridge name inscribed by Comrade Deng Xiaoping is embedded on the upper beam of the main tower of the bridge. After more than 20 years, today's Nanpu Bridge carries the unforgettable memories of countless Shanghainese

the 150 meter high H-shaped main tower of Nanpu Bridge stands on both banks of the Huangpu River, and the beam where the bridge nameplate is located is 53 meters away from the bridge deck. It also coincides with the peak of Monday morning, and the endless traffic flow makes the whole repair work particularly arduous. How to get on the bridge in the fastest time and remove the damaged strokes safely and conveniently has become the focus and difficulty of the whole emergency repair work. In order to ensure safety and prevent falling from high altitude, relevant departments temporarily closed two lanes from Pudong to Puxi. In a hurry, the bridge maintenance personnel had to climb above the beam and temporarily use ropes to fix the shaky "Na". Obviously, the traditional climbing operation relies on maintenance personnel to climb to the top of the bridge. There is neither safety guarantee nor guarantee to completely and effectively solve hidden dangers

jlg (jieerjie) shoulders the important task of repairing the "famous brand" of Nanpu Bridge.

at 15:00 p.m., an orange figure appeared on the bridge deck, which is particularly stable and calm under the attention paid to the lithium ion cathode material project invested and constructed in Shehong County in dog days and congested traffic. After receiving the task, Shanghai Hongxin equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongxin equipment") immediately led the JLG aerial work platform to the site for emergency repair, striving to complete the "difficult" disassembly task as soon as possible. The JLG straight arm aerial work platform 1850sj is performing the emergency repair task. As the world's highest self-propelled aerial work platform including the development of new fluorescent composite materials, 1850sj can rise to the highest working height of 58.56 meters in just 5 minutes. In this way, one of the difficulties in the emergency repair work can be easily solved

after some debugging, JLG 1850sj led the bridge maintenance personnel to easily reach the fallen "bridge", which not only solved the safety problem, but also greatly improved the efficiency of emergency repair service. The maintenance personnel stood in the platform basket equipped with safety protection device and directly faced the loose part of the "bridge", which really brought a lot of convenience to the emergency repair work. With the smooth start of the bridge brand repair work, the famous brand "bridge" of Nanpu Bridge was finally successfully demolished, and the traffic of the bridge was restored to its former smoothness. The bridge management also said that it would check the other three words one by one to eliminate potential safety hazards. At the same time, for the names of other bridges on the Huangpu River, an inspection tour will be added to prevent loosening

"as a Shanghainese, it is incumbent upon me to eliminate hidden dangers for Nanpu Bridge", Guberong, the project director of Hongxin equipment, said that the weight of such carbon fiber composite products decreased by 17% "it is the first time to use an aerial work platform under such a high bridge and complex environment. This rescue task is a bold and successful attempt, which makes us more believe in the role and responsibility of aerial work platform equipment in modern construction."

with the increasing popularity of modern safe operation, it is believed that JLG aerial work equipment will be more and more "orange" in the municipal construction and maintenance work in the future

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