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"One job is hard to find" in Jinan decoration market there are fewer and fewer young people in the industry

Jinan decoration market "one job is hard to find" there are fewer and fewer young people in the industry

April 7, 2017

[China paint information] there are only two decorators working in a duplex house in Wolong garden

every spring is the peak decoration season, and the prices of labor, plates, wall tiles, etc. will rise to varying degrees. However, judging from the market situation, the labor cost of decoration this year is particularly expensive. "Labor costs have increased by about 20% over last year." For example, a person in charge of a decoration company said that last year, the daily salary of a wall painter was 250 yuan, but now no one works below 300 yuan. "Even if the price rises, it is difficult to find decorators." The person in charge said that spring is the peak decoration season, and there are fewer and fewer young people who can do wall and tile work, which makes it almost "hard to find a job" in the decoration market

starting price! Last time, the "wrong price" was quoted, and the labor cost rose by 20% a week.

Lao Han has been looking for a decoration team for more than ten days. After the warming on March 15, as soon as the tenant left, Lao Han went around looking for a decoration team to decorate the house in Wolong garden and move there in the spring of next year. After inquiring about several building materials markets such as wangguanzhuang, railway Nanyuan and Jinniu, old Han found several decoration teams and asked them to negotiate the price in the house one by one. "No. 10. If the chain is responsible for labor and materials, it is 18 yuan/square meter for painting the wall and 40 yuan/square meter for tiling." After a contractor surnamed Wang made such an offer, Lao Han thought the price was reasonable, so the two sides agreed to start construction next Monday. Unexpectedly, on the morning of March 27, when the contractor learned that he was going to paint the wall with color paint, he said that the color paint had to be paid more, plus 5 yuan per square meter. In addition, the price of tiling has to rise to 50 yuan per square meter, because the last time "the wrong price was quoted."

the starting price of the contractor makes old Han feel expensive. After rejecting the contractor surnamed Wang, old Han turned back and looked for the previous decoration teams, only to learn that they had already taken over the projects of other families, "the construction has started, and it will be next month to pick you up." Old Han went back to the decoration market. This week, old Han found that he could hardly find a decoration team that had not yet taken over the work, and the wages of the decorators were more than 20% higher than a week ago. "Take the wall painting for example. Last week, there was a price of 15 yuan per square meter. This week, the quotation was basically more than 20 yuan." Lao Han calculated that, based on the unit price of 20 yuan/square meter, multiplying the building area by 4 times according to the industry default algorithm, his house is about 500 square meters, and the salary for wall painting alone is more than 10000 yuan. "If twoorthree people work at the same time, the construction period will take seven columns. 5 the main content of industrial cluster construction will take eight days. In total, it is common for a decorator to earn more than ten thousand a month!" Workers are scarce! After several twists and turns, Lao Han finally found a decoration team and talked about the cooling method. Usually, the water cooling method was adopted. The price was 20 yuan/square meter. After the construction started on March 28, Lao Han found that only two workers came to work. Lao Han learned from Lao Liu, the contractor, that he had received five residential renovation projects at the same time. "You should ask two people to shovel the wall first. The other two have already started to pave the floor. When you're done, we'll hurry to install it for you."

how many workers does old Liu, the contractor, have? On the 29th, I saw the foreman in the house where old Han was shoveling the wall. Old Liu told me, "now, where there is work to be done, we can put more people in time. For example, his family (old Han's family) has just started. After shoveling the wall, we can add more people when painting the wall."

Lao Liu said that after the Spring Festival, there were more and more decoration workers, but there were still fiveorsix decoration workers in his own decoration team. "It's hard to recruit workers! Now that the money has been raised manually, we can't recruit people. Even the casual workers under the Bayi overpass can't be seen." It's not just that Lao Liu's decoration team doesn't have enough decoration workers. In a decoration company on Gongye North Road, a person in charge surnamed Xu told us that up to now, the number of orders received by the company this year has increased by about 10% over the same period last year, but the number and personnel of the decoration team have not increased. Not only that, "the labor cost reported to us by the decoration team has also increased by about 15% - 20% compared with last year, and we can only give it to customers according to the bank information."

age fault! Clay tile workers are rarely seen under the age of 40. Young people prefer to work as security guards. The person in charge surnamed Xu is also worried that "there are fewer and fewer young decorators. Almost all of the decoration teams are old workers over the age of 40. Although they have rich experience, the decoration is individual work. If they can't keep up with their strength, the construction period will have to be lengthened and the cost will increase accordingly." In this regard, Lao Han also has deep experience. "I found more than a dozen decoration teams. After so many rounds in the market, young people in their twenties and thirties rarely see them." Old Han said that even the one who gave him anti putty upstairs was a 57 year old worker. "I saw that he was obviously not strong enough, so I asked him. I didn't expect that he was about my age." Old Han, who is in his early 60s this year, told me that among the construction teams that are decorating his home, only oneortwo of them look young, and the rest are going up at the age of 40

"most of the decoration workers are from the urban-rural fringe or rural areas." The person in charge surnamed Xu said that today's children are treasures in the hands of their parents. Most young people are reluctant to do dirty and tiring work such as decoration. "A strong young man would rather be a security guard with less money than a bricklayer."

it is learned that in addition to physical factors, unstable work and low security of decoration workers are also disadvantages in the industry. "There are a lot of work in spring. It's common to find no work in summer, and no one pays insurance." Foreman Liu told him that he didn't want his son to do the same, even though he was a decorator. "It's better to find a factory to work. At least some people pay endowment insurance."

old Zhang, a bricklayer who has worked in Jinan for more than 20 years and whose hometown is Ningyang, Tai'an, also said that he is the busiest in spring every year. Although there are too many jobs, the wages are high, and the good days are just these three months. "As soon as we entered July, we became idle. At that time, there would be less work and the salary would decline. Sometimes we would not start work for a month."

calculate a small account to install a 100 square meter house. It costs 10000 more than last year. Wall paint, cement, ceramic tiles, stone materials, labor... Entering the peak decoration season, almost all the costs are rising. We have visited many decoration markets and learned that the "rising" voice of the home decoration market this year continues. "The price of artificial marble has risen sharply, 20 yuan per square meter." In the Jinhong stone market near Taipingzhuang, a person in charge of a stone company told me. The price of a brand of ceramic tiles in East Asia's home furnishings also rose. The shop's shopping guide said, "this glazed ceramic tile, 49 yuan a piece years ago, has now risen to 79 yuan, which is still a discounted price." Old Han, who is decorating his house, also said that even the price of cement has increased, with one yuan per bag

according to the calculation, according to the ordinary decoration, the price of installing a house of about 100 square meters this year is more than 10000 yuan higher than that of last year. According to the above price increases, the floor tiles have increased by 30 yuan per square meter. If the floor tiles are fully paved with 80 square meters in the set, it will cost an extra 2400 yuan. If the windowsill is paved with marble, it will cost 120 yuan more for 6 square meters of artificial marble. The most important thing is the labor cost. For a house of 100 square meters, the whole construction period is generally about 25 days. The daily salary of painters has increased by more than 50 yuan this year; Bricklayers are more expensive. Skilled workers who used to be 450 yuan/day are now at least 550 yuan. Based on this calculation, the labor cost will be about 2000 yuan more than last year. This doesn't include the costs of doors and windows, hardware, sanitary ware, etc. that have risen or are rising in price. "This year we offer a house of 100 square meters. The lowest price is 120000. It is 10% more expensive than the same period last year." In this decoration company on Gongye North Road, the person in charge surnamed Xu told us that the decoration after the year will cost about 10000 yuan more than that before the year

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