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Jntc will start to produce wearable glass cover plates

according to the report of the Korean media they will not let you spend every penny LEC, in the first half of this year, the 3D protective glass manufacturer jntc will start to produce wearable protective glass. This time, the company will produce wearable device cover plates on a large scale. In April, the third glasses cover factory of jntc in Vietnam is expected to be completed and put into production from May to June. After the factory is completed, the company must obtain the approval of its customers. Samsung Electronics is likely to be the customer of the glasses cover

although jntc said earlier that it expected that the third plant would start operation in the first quarter, it has been delayed for about a month. The recent surge in covid in Vietnam may be due to 9 cases. The third factory will first produce glass covers for smart watches. Last November, it provided samples to its customers. In the future, the company plans to produce cover glasses for automotive displays and ultra-thin glasses that just provide some worthless useless work. The company's first and second plants focus on manufacturing smart glass covers. The third factory covers an area of 73000 square meters, which is larger than the sum of the first factory and the second factory. The monthly production capacity of the first plant and the second plant is 3million and 2million pieces respectively. Its plant in Huacheng, South Korea, has a capacity of onemillion pieces per month. The third plant is expected to have greater capacity

people familiar with the matter said that jntc hopes its wearable business will account for 15-20% of this year's sales. At present, the cover glass used in accounts for 60% to 70% of its sales, while the connector accounts for 20%. The company may begin to produce ultra-thin glass cover plates in the fourth quarter as early as possible for folding and rolling up products. Manufacturing ultra-thin glass requires overcoming many obstacles, such as purchasing the required mother glass

jntc predicts that this year's sales volume will reach the level of 2020. Sales of wearable devices will rise, but it hopes that sales provided to Huawei through JD will decline

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