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John Deere customer interview: ten e360lc excavators help Longjian road and bridge to build mountains and roads, He walked more and more smoothly along the road

2015, President Meng established Shandong Rizhao Wulian County soaring Construction Co., Ltd. with assets of more than ten million yuan. The main businesses of the company include: construction project contracting, municipal roads, infrastructure construction and bridge, road repair, etc. Since the establishment of the company, he has led his team to successively invest in the construction of major landmark roads and buildings in Rizhao City and surrounding areas. With excellent construction quality, he has established a good reputation in the industry

try it? However, during the interview, Mr. Meng always kept a gentle speed. Whenever he mentioned all aspects of John Deere excavator, his tone would gradually overflow with passion. His words showed his praise and love for John Deere brand

according to Mr. Meng, after the establishment of the company, he has purchased many brands of excavators for business needs, but what he likes most is the products of John Deere. At present, the company has 12 sets of John Deere equipment, including one E210 excavator, one e330lc excavator and ten e360lc excavators, and has phased out other brands of excavators previously used

back on the eve of May 1st, 2018, President Meng, who was planning to buy excavator equipment, met Xiao Guo, a salesperson of John Deere. After several times of understanding, Mr. Meng was very interested in the high performance and low fuel consumption of John Deere e330lc excavator, so he purchased one e330lc. Since its operation for one year, John Deere e330lc has won huge profits for the company by virtue of its excellent stability, very economical fuel performance and extremely high work efficiency, which also prompted him to purchase a number of John Deere equipment

ten e360lc excavators with high efficiency and low consumption rushed to the customer's construction site

in February 2019, President Meng purchased ten johndier e360lc excavators again and drove into Wulian Longjian Project Department of Longjian road and Bridge Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Longjian road and bridge), making great contributions to the construction of Longjian Road and bridge. When talking about why he bought ten e360lc at once, Mr. Meng said that this was not a temporary intention, but after careful consideration

"the biggest feature of Deere equipment is its high efficiency and low consumption. I don't have to worry about it at all." President Meng explained that shortly after the mobilization of the equipment, John Deere e360lc excavator won the praise of the project leader. At present, these ten equipment have become the backbone equipment of Longjian road and bridge

"under the same construction intensity, when other brands of excavators have run out of ammunition and food and need refueling, John Deere's car always has a lot of fuel left." Boss Meng said that e360lc has no problem in saving l oil per hour compared with other brands of excavators of the same tonnage. If you convert the oil money saved each month, it is equivalent to paying the salary of an operator

large earthwork construction sites tend to pay more attention to efficiency, which is money. Generally speaking, fuel saving is not directly proportional to power. However, John Deere excavator is not only fuel-efficient, but also fast and efficient. Meng believes that this can be achieved with the excavator equipped with the powertechtm engine independently developed by John Deere. E360lc excavator has four power modes and three working modes. Compared with other brands of equipment of the same level, e360lc excavator can save about 300 yuan of oil cost per day (12 hours). In addition, the three fuel filters and two water separators specially set by John Deere for Chinese users can effectively remove sediment and moisture from diesel oil, so as to protect the fuel system and greatly extend the service life of the equipment

president Meng also summarized another reason: the e360lc excavator can do work that others cannot. "There are many rocky hills in the road section constructed by Longjian road and bridge, and it is often necessary to dig rocks. Sometimes the stones are too big and hard, and other brands of excavators can't dig them. However, John Deere e360lc, who also works, has never seen this situation."

in addition, under the standard bucket capacity (1.6m3), John Deere also launched a 1.84m3 rock bucket and a 2-m3 heavy-duty bucket for customers. The bucket capacity increased, and the construction efficiency of customers was further improved. John Deere e360lc excavator has truly achieved the goal of "building bridges in the face of difficulties"

in terms of equipment management, President Meng said that although the company has 12 johndier excavators, daily management is very convenient. Because his equipment is equipped with the "deerzhi provides its invision brand complementary material link" remote communication system developed by John Deere for the Chinese market, he can know the main framework and operation of the working place of the equipment in real time through interconnection, analyze the performance of the equipment, and conduct remote fault diagnosis of the equipment through software

in addition to hardware indicators such as fuel consumption and quality, the manufacturer's after-sales service is also highly valued by President Meng. President Meng commented on John Deere's service as "thoughtful and timely". He said that some problems would inevitably occur during the use of the excavator, but without his knowledge, John Deere's after-sales service personnel went directly to the construction site to solve them. From the initial strangers to John Deere brand to the joy and trust after getting along, Meng was deeply moved by John Deere's considerate service like a silent drizzle

"over the years, I have used many brand excavators. On the premise of the same performance of the equipment, I will give priority to partners with durability, low failure, high attendance and timely after-sales service. John Deere is very consistent with my requirements."

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