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JLG (jieerjie) 1500ajp curved arm aerial work platform won the Top50 title of annual product of China's construction machinery

jlg (jieerjie) 1500ajp curved arm aerial work platform won the Top50 title of annual product of China's construction machinery

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march27,2017, Shanghai - recently, JLG, the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom forklifts, was invited to participate in the "2017 construction machinery product development (Beijing) forum and China Construction machinery annual product Top50 selection and award ceremony" held in Beijing. In 2016, JLG newly released the curved arm aerial work platform 1500ajp, which leads the industry with the highest height and innovative technology, and won the title of top 50 products of China Construction Machinery in 2017. The Top50 annual product selection of China Construction machinery, which was initiated in 2006, has been successfully held for the 11th time this year. It is a highly representative and authoritative award event in China's engineering industry. In order to commend outstanding enterprises and representative products that promote the development and technological change of China's construction machinery industry, the conference selected 50 products with benchmarking significance in the subdivision field of construction machinery. This award confirms the high recognition of JLG brand and its products in China, and fully demonstrates JLG's strong product R & D capability and leading position in the aerial work platform market

the picture shows the certificate and trophy that JLG won the Top50 title of annual product of China Construction Machinery

expand higher and wider operating space through technological innovation

with the accelerated development of urbanization, the height of super high-rise buildings is getting higher and higher, and the corresponding construction and maintenance costs are also rising. 5. diameter of loading cylinder and supporting cylinder: 10 ± 0.1mm; Effective length of loaded cylinder and supporting cylinder: 46mm undoubtedly, aerial work is facing great challenges. Jlg1500ajp, as the world's highest quc919101 aircraft, successfully flew the first jib type aerial work platform in Shanghai on May 5 this year, breaking the "new height" of the jib type aerial work platform. The operation height of the platform is 47.7m, the unrestricted load is 272kg, and the restricted load is 454kg, allowing the operator to carry more materials to the highest point for operation. The working range of 1500ajp is more than 74000 cubic meters, which is at least 60% larger than that of other similar curved arm aerial work platforms in the current market. This wide working range effectively improves the efficiency of high-altitude operation. Operators can easily complete more work without moving and repositioning the high-altitude operation platform in a broad high-altitude operation environment

maximize the economic benefits of customers through technological innovation

compared with traditional operation methods, one of the advantages of aerial operation platform is high efficiency, which can effectively reduce the labor cost and time cost in construction through mechanized operation. 1500ajp has the industry-leading lifting speed, which saves the equipment positioning time to the greatest extent, and wins more time for operators to work. In addition, the innovation of 1500ajp is also highlighted in the following aspects: 1. It adopts a special hydraulic system, which can simplify the oil circuit and reduce the leakage points, thus reducing the failure rate of the equipment; 2. The swing out engine bracket can facilitate the inspection of main maintenance parts, and the maintenance is more convenient. 3. The ground control panel contains a LCD screen, which can visually display the fault code and fault text description, so as to ensure that the fault can be eliminated in time, accurately and quickly. These innovations have significantly optimized the energy absorbed, improved the maintainability of the equipment, reduced operating costs for customers and improved benefits

the picture shows JLG 1500ajp

which won the Top50 title of China Construction machinery products of the year. "We are very honored that jlg1500ajp won the Top50 title of China Construction machinery products of the year 2016," said Mr. wuxiaolu, senior marketing director of JLG Asia, "The technological innovation of 1500ajp originates from JLG's technological accumulation in the field of aerial work platforms for nearly 50 years. We will continue to practice the purpose of 'customer first', take innovation as the core, and improve production efficiency for aerial work construction enterprises through breakthrough products, bringing rich returns."

after 450AJ curved arm aerial work platform and 1850s we were responsible for drawing up free (including travel and accommodation) training plan: We conducted 2 (3) days of technical training for the owner's users at the instrument commissioning site during instrument installation and commissioning. J straight arm aerial work platform and 24rs straight arm aerial work platform were awarded the annual product Top50 respectively, 1500ajp was the fourth consecutive product under JLG. In the future, JLG will, as always, attach importance to user experience, continue to innovate around customer needs, and is committed to changing the future pattern of the aerial work industry with advanced technology

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