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Jizhida was selected as one of the "2005 top 500 Chinese e-commerce application excellent SMEs"

, The "2005 top 500 Chinese e-commerce application excellent small and medium-sized enterprises" was grandly released in Beijing by China's authoritative it media, e-commerce, that is, statements made by us or our management departments about our plans, expectations, plans, beliefs or expectations of actions, events or developments that will or may occur in the future, the world of business, in conjunction with the top 100 Chinese e-commerce industry stations. This selection is recommended by the top 100 industry stations, reviewed by a professional jury, and finally selected the top 500 for release Beijing jizhida Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. is listed as a well-known enterprise in the field of industrial control automation

this election fully affirmed the efforts made by jizhida in the field of e-commerce applications in recent two years. With the rapid popularization of Internet applications in China, the development and application of e-commerce has become more and more important in business. As a well-known enterprise in the field of industrial control automation, jizhida began to use the E-commerce platform for business exchanges, products and enterprise publicity of BMP preservation curve image files as early as a few years ago. Nowadays, a large part of jizhida's business has been realized through e-commerce, which has greatly reduced the company's operating costs. E-commerce has brought us new development opportunities. We will continue to apply e-commerce to the end as before, and strive for the better development of jizhida tomorrow and the development of China's e-commerce

Beijing jizhida Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd., founded in August, 1999, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of industrial control computers, embedded systems and industrial automation products. Headquartered in China's Silicon Valley Zhongguancun High tech Industrial Development Zone, the company is a high-tech enterprise approved by the development zone and has been committed to the development and production of industrial control computers and industrial automation products for many years

jizhida company has always been guided by high-tech products and supported by advanced industrial control computer technology, and has continuously introduced high-performance, professional industrial control products with temperature exceeding the specified value. With the advantages of talents, technology and capital, after five years of pursuit and exploration, jizhida has grown rapidly, achieved remarkable achievements in product line, turnover, market regional distribution, staff size and business site, and become a leader in the industry

2003, the turnover reached more than 70 million yuan, ranking among the top five in the industry; In 2004, the company had more than 80 employees. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to technology as the foundation and quality and service for development. The company has a professional technical team with rich experience in electronics, computer, industrial control and other fields, and has formed technical alliances with a number of industrial control manufacturers in Taiwan and the United States. The world's advanced industrial control computer technology service company adheres to the business philosophy of "professional creation of quality and service delivery of value" in China's traditional industries, and introduces the latest foreign technologies and products into China, To improve the technical transformation and application level of industrial control equipment, and establish a good corporate image of high quality and excellent service in the field of industrial control

jizhida company adheres to the consistent business style, that is, the combination of agency and independent development, and the combination of medium and low-grade and high-grade, providing customers with all-round industrial control products and careful and thoughtful services, and developing and growing together with customers

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