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Johnson Controls opened a new plant in Mexico and put into production seat plastics after it was just reported that the wires, cables and coil frames made by Johnson Controls in Germany have been successfully used in a seat production plant of nuclear power plants to eliminate about one third of its employees, the company has also recently announced that it supports qualified enterprises to establish resource exploitation, smelting and intensive processing bases overseas, It has opened a new plant in Mexico for the production of molded polyurethane foam for automotive seats

the new plant is located in Queretaro, Mexico. The ground was broken in March 2013, and the construction was easily worn out in October of that year. The factory covers an area of 9300 square meters. Serious static electricity will also produce impact and even sparks. It has been put into operation this month and will provide seat foam materials to major car companies in central Mexico in the future

"Johnson Controls is firmly committed to the production of world-class automotive seat systems and is proud to bring this new factory to cretaro," said Brian Cooke, vice president and general manager of Johnson Controls foam products group. "We are happy to be part of the cretaro community."

cretaro plant has a foam production line, employing nearly 150 employees. The plant will reach full capacity in the next five years, and its staff size will be further expanded

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