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John Deere company launched e18zs and E60 mini excavators in China

John Deere company launched e18zs and E60 mini excavators in China

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Beijing, China (February 11, 2019) - John Deere company of the United States announced the launch of two mini hydraulic excavators e18zs and E60 in China

these two excavators represent John Deere's brand-new products tailored to the largest market segment in China after the 20 ton, 30 ton, 10 ton and 40 ton products, and provide more competitive products and services for rural construction, farmland transformation, agricultural planting, landscaping, pipeline construction, urban construction, highway maintenance, etc, Practice the corporate purpose of "serving people closely related to land" of John Deere company

"After successfully covering the 10 to 40 ton small and large excavation markets, John Deere continues to be committed to providing customers with construction machinery products with higher work efficiency, less downtime and lower use cost. On the basis of fully understanding the Chinese market and customers' needs, we have further launched mini excavators, enriched the excavator product line, and through the efficient network and high-quality service of John Deere dealers , providing more professional products and support solutions for users in different market segments. We believe that the launch of e18zs and E60 mini excavators will better serve the Chinese market and fulfill our consistent commitment to Chinese users. " Said Lang Yun, general manager of sales and marketing in China of John optoelectronics and photonic crystal information materials technology Deere's construction and forestry equipment department

e18zs and E60 mini excavators are equipped with reliable Yangma diesel engine, which meets China's non road three-stage emission standard, and has the advantages of strong power, durability and easy maintenance. The hydraulic systems of these two models adopt the most advanced load sensing diverter LUDV system from Rexroth, Germany, which is characterized by single pump oil supply, eliminating the complex confluence control function, and all hydraulic actuators can work independently and smoothly in the same proportion according to the operator's intention under any working condition, so as to better realize the precise control in fine actions, And ensure greater excavation force and faster circulation speed in the same level, while minimizing the power loss caused by overflow

e18zs the self weight of micro excavation can reach 1895kg, and an additional 50kg weight can be selected to increase the stability and lifting capacity. The factory standard bucket capacity is 0.05 cubic meters, and the short tail design is adopted, which is suitable for narrow space and can meet various construction needs. The boom structure has been optimized and equipped with a standard sideshift function. It has a larger sideshift angle and is very suitable for the excavation and trimming of the edge of the wall corner and the side shoulder of the subgrade. The oil pipe of the oil cylinder is hidden inside the boom, which is effectively protected. The boom hydraulic cylinder is located above, which can effectively prevent the cylinder lever from being impacted by materials during operation. The two-way hydraulic auxiliary pipeline is standard to facilitate customers to install hydraulic drive accessories such as crusher. At the same time, multiple auxiliary control hydraulic pipelines can be selected to match more accessories and quick change devices

the driving roof can be easily removed, and the transparent sunroof of the roof provides excellent vision, and front and rear work lights are installed. E18zs crawler can be retracted with a minimum width of 990mm. It can easily pass through narrow areas, and then the crawler can be opened at any time according to construction needs to ensure safety and stability. The bulldozer has its own suspension function, which can significantly improve the work efficiency in the field cleaning and backfilling operations. Its oil cylinder is also equipped with a protective plate, which can prevent the wear of the oil cylinder caused by the accumulation of materials during bulldozing, and effectively prolong the life of Gao Xi, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shoushan donghuayu of the oil cylinder. In terms of maintenance, the grease filling on the boom is designed on one side with a protective cap. Each maintenance check point is focused on the comparison method, which makes use of the rear door that is more convenient to open. It is easy to maintain and shorten the downtime

e60 has a standard working weight of 5.7 tons. It adopts the traditional tail design with low center of gravity and heavy weight. The very reasonable weight distribution brings excellent stability in the same level. Cast iron counterweights can protect the engine area more effectively. The boom and stick are specially designed for the Chinese market and can be competent for various harsh working conditions. The spacious and comfortable cab has wide vision, good sealing, low noise, and is equipped with front and rear work lights as standard. The front and rear seats are adjustable, equipped with a large capacity air conditioning system and a radio. A special charging port and a placement grid are designed in a convenient position to ensure the comfort and work efficiency of the driver. The standard bulldozer blade provides additional stability. In addition, the engine and radiator compartment covers that are easy to open and the centralized maintenance points make it easy to carry out various routine maintenance work, such as oil level inspection, oil filling and lubricating grease filling

"in the process of R & D, our two mini excavators made many localized improvements according to the actual situation of the Chinese market, fully listened to the opinions of domestic customers, understood the shortcomings of their existing products, and experienced a large number of tests under a variety of Chinese field conditions!" Liuqingfeng, product marketing manager of John Deere's Construction Machinery Department, said, "China has become the largest single market for micro and small excavators in the world. With the rise of labor prices and the improvement and updating of infrastructure, China's demand for micro and small excavators will continue to grow and generate more diversified segment demand. E18zs and E60 are just the beginning of John Deere's efforts to better serve China's micro and small excavator market. We are very looking forward to launching more and better products and Services bring users a more perfect experience. "

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