Ou Shennuo's DIY game came to an end, but this cer

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Oushennuo's DIY competition came to an end, but this ceramic tile artifact was on fire

on the occasion of the 2018 new year, the well-known ceramic tile brand osheno, based on the independently developed ceramic tile space effect preview system, launched a ceramic tile space design activity called "DIY competition for brick replacement" for all consumers. The activity was promoted through mainstream social platforms such as Weibo and wechat, and gained the curiosity and attention of many fans The official said through the activity poster that in the brick replacement system, you can click to replace the space tiles, and you can generate a 720 ° preview image. This rookie style decoration tool is undoubtedly very attractive to consumers who want to decorate or buy bricks

when it comes to decoration DIY tools, it may remind you of the DIY experience that needs to start from 0: description, material selection, rendering and other steps. This type of decoration preview tool, no matter how easy to operate and start, is not controlled by consumers without professional design background. It usually makes people feel that it is either impossible to achieve the desired effect or simply impatient. With the above doubts, Xiaobian immediately entered the "Oushennuo online" website and experienced it

massive renderings light up your space inspiration

having a massive house type renderings library is a major highlight of the brick replacement DIY system. There are 8 styles, covering living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and other spaces. Consumers do not need to create their own pictures, but only need to select their favorite house type space in the effect gallery to experience brick replacement

(Oushennuo ceramic tile DIY interface)

there is no need to install, and more than 800 ceramic tile products can be changed at will

open and play, which is also the convenience feature of Oushennuo brick changing system. Without installing any programs and plug-ins, click the space effect drawing you want to change bricks, and enter the brick change interface. You can use more than 800 ceramic tile products of different style series of osheno to replace the original effect drawing products, and fully compare the characteristics and paving effects of different products. If simple tile replacement cannot meet your needs, you can also use more complex tiling functions, such as custom tiling, cutting, tiling direction, etc. With simple interface and clear guidance, you can find that you are also a master of ceramic tile space design in a few minutes

(Oushennuo ceramic tile DIY system interface)

720 ° simulation of decoration effect, more support for sharing

after designing your masterpiece, you can save the effect drawing and share it with your circle of friends. The rendering time of renderings is also very awesome. It only takes tens of seconds to complete! Moreover, the rendered effect is still 720 °, and the texture is comparable to professional design software, presenting the decoration effect of ceramic tile space realistically. If you want to share your space works, you can also scan the code on your mobile phone, share your works with your friends or wechat circle of friends, and let your family and friends design tricks for your new home

(the DIY effect picture of osheno ceramic tiles 720 ° browsing and QR code sharing function)

intimate experience, create osheno's new retail features

after a smooth experience of osheno ceramic tile DIY system, let the editor particularly admire osheno. As a home building materials enterprise, it is not easy to spend so much human and financial resources to independently develop such a considerate and convenient ceramic tile experience tool

it is understood that the tile DIY system supports not only the PC end, but also the mobile end. More than 1000 osheno ceramic stores across the country have also set up professional experience equipment. Whether outdoors, at home or shopping, you can feel the effect oriented ceramic tile consumption experience, which subverts the traditional way of buying bricks. As we pay more and more attention to creating space temperament and atmosphere through tiles, we don't want to buy Bricks after unreal preview of decoration and tiling effects. As consumers, Oushennuo makes us feel the comfort of being understood. If you also want to experience this ceramic tile artifact, you might as well visit the national osheno ceramic store or log in to the "osheno online" website to experience it

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