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Choose cabinets to avoid misunderstanding and bring convenient life

cabinet design is directly related to the future use of kitchen space. A good design will bring convenience to kitchen life, while a failed design will often bring trouble. This issue of Aijia evaluation interprets the common regrets of cabinet design for you. I hope you can try to avoid these mistakes, so as to make the cooking process more pleasant

regret 1: cramping depth

the standard or traditional cabinet depth is 60 cm, and the size between the console and the cabinet is 55 cm, but it still makes the operator feel very cramped, and limits the freedom and comfort of operation, affecting the cooking line of sight

in terms of the degree of freedom and comfort of operation, the cabinet with a depth of 80 cm allows the operator to have a broader vision, and the storage and temporary storage operations become more convenient and free to take and place. (key words: the height of the cabinet)

regret 2: annoying hanging cabinet

the position of the second shelf of the traditional hanging cabinet is too high, blocking the line of sight, and users can't completely see the built-in items, causing inconvenience in use. The cabinet with a depth of 80 cm lowers the position of the hanging cabinet, which can not only make the position of the hanging cabinet 20 cm away from the face, avoid the compact feeling of space, but also do not affect the line of sight. (key words: the position of the hanging cabinet is 20 cm away from the face)

the traditional hanging cabinet is often in the on-off state. In order to avoid repeating this action in the cooking process, people often open the hanging cabinet during operation. The open cabinet door creates a more tense space. When people squat or get up, they forget to open the cabinet door and cause bruises. The cabinet with a depth of 80 cm adopts the ergonomic hanging cabinet opening method, which solves the above problems. (key words: the cabinet door is more suitable for daily life when it is opened with a hanging cabinet)

the traditional hanging cabinet places the freshly washed dishes on the second floor for storage, which is easy to sprinkle water drops on the cabinet during the placing process. If you add the functional slot of the console and its accessories, place the water control process on the console, and install a reasonable water diversion pipe, you can solve the dripping problem of dishes storage. (key words: make the kitchen cleaner)

regret 3: inconvenient floor cabinet

the floor cabinet composed of shelves, door panels and hinges makes people need to bend down to take the items placed inside, and the darkness in the floor cabinet also affects people's line of sight. The drawer designed with the principle of logical system is easy even when bending down, and it becomes clear to take and place items at a glance. (key words: shelf drawers are more convenient)

regret 4: the quality of the table top

the cabinet with poor material and workmanship may have burrs, sharp corners, quick mouths, etc. in the details. These parts that have not been reasonably handled are easy to cause physical injury. Handling food directly on the cabinet may cause accidental eating of impurities and debris due to the quality problem of the table, which is also harmful to health. (key words: pay attention to the quality of details when buying cabinets)

cabinets also have noise and light pollution. To avoid these problems, we should use high-quality hardware and reasonably select panels and countertops. (key words: cabinets should have the quality of main accessories)

regret 5: non recyclable materials cause waste

from the perspective of environmental protection of materials, aluminum is better than stainless steel, because the boiling point of aluminum is relatively low, only 200 degrees, while stainless steel is as high as 2000 degrees, which is not conducive to the recycling processing of materials. (key words: choose environmental protection materials for cabinets)

1. Look at the publicity materials: the formal company publicity materials are a development record in the form of binding books. It has standard logo and registered trademark R. Generally, it includes the introduction of the whole company's workshop, production equipment, production capacity, design capacity, sample display, introduction of material types and performance, service commitment, etc. the most important thing is to disclose the company's cabinets according to the prices of various grades, so as to truly "make public quotations and understand consumption"

2. Look at the appearance texture: the door panel must be free of ups and downs, the door seams must be neat and uniform, and the gap size must be unified. The door panel can be opened freely. There is no noise in and out of the drawer. The color of the table top shall be free of color difference and seams

3. Check whether there is edge explosion: check whether there is edge explosion on the door panel. Open the cabinet door to see whether there are adjustment holes in the laminate. The adjustment holes of the laminate are generally neat and uniform, and there is no explosion around the holes. Regular manufacturers have professional slotting machines, and both sides of the notch are smooth and tidy without edge explosion

4. Look at the side trimming part: whether the color of the side trimming part is consistent with that of the front, and whether the edge banding part has any traces of oily rubbing, because the edges repaired by poor quality edge banding strips will close the pores if they are rubbed with oil

5. Look at the hanging code of the hanging cabinet: generally, it is necessary to ask whether the hanging code of the hanging cabinet is adjustable. Regular manufacturers use the hanging code installation method. After the cabinet is installed, the height, left and right can be adjusted appropriately. When the cabinet is disassembled, the screws are screwed, and the cabinet body is also quite tidy





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