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The statistics of the three major markets all show that Hisense TV is in the lead

the fierce world cup in Russia is in full swing, and it is not only beer and crayfish that are on fire. Recently, zhongyikang, a domestic authoritative market research institution, released the sales data of color TV sets in the 24th week during the world cup. The retail sales market share of Hisense TV, the official sponsor of the world cup, has reached 18.7%, and the retail sales share in the 75 inch and above large screen Market is as high as 27%, firmly occupying the leading position in the Chinese market. The volume, volume and large screen share of Hisense color TV market are not only ahead of the tightening experiment, but also the highest growth rate. Consulting the annual and monthly data released by zhongyikang, we found that since 2004, Hisense's TV market share has ranked first in China's TV market for 14 consecutive years and 5 months

at the same time, we checked the 2017 annual data released by AVC, a domestic authoritative big data enterprise, and the data from January to may 2018. The data showed that the sales volume and sales volume of Hisense TV in the domestic Omni channel market ranked first in the Chinese market. The report released by IHS Markit, a world-renowned market research institution, is a recognized authoritative data source in the international market and has been adopted by Samsung, LG and other enterprises. Consulting IHS Markit's 2017 annual report and 2018 leading quarterly report, it is found that Hisense's TV shipments and shipments for various uses are also firmly in the lead in the Chinese market

after the start of the world cup, Hisense TV's sales in many overseas countries are continuing to rise. After calling Hisense Group, relevant staff of Hisense Group responded that they would take the lead in releasing the sales of Hisense TV in China and the global market after the World Cup group match

it is understood that the above three authoritative data research institutions are currently recognized in China's home appliance sales market. From this point of view, the competitive pattern of China's TV market has been very clear

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