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Super sharp safety glass resin type and application field

"Xiamen super sharp new material technology Co., Ltd. (once registered as Xiamen super sharp Technology Co., Ltd.)" introduced the most advanced sandwich formula and polymer synthesis technology of American SAOSA into the Chinese market. The "American SAOSA international enterprise" located in Los Angeles, California, USA, established a wholly-owned company "Xiamen super sharp new material technology Co., Ltd." in Xiamen, China in 2001. Over the years, we have produced a series of "laminated glass multifunctional energy-saving film" products with international quality. The main impact testing machines include: laminated glass glue, laminated glue, laminated glass glue, etc. the products are widely used in construction, electronics, military industry, aviation and other industries

"super sharp new material technology company" has obtained a number of national invention patents and utility model technology patents, and has been rated as "national high-tech enterprise". "Super sharp new material technology" relies on the strong technical R & D strength of SAOSA in the United States, and takes advantage of these non reproducible technical advantages. It uses 100% pure resin raw materials without recycling materials (or waste), filling the domestic gap of domestic laminated and bulletproof resins. After more than ten years of development, the two brands of "super sharp new material technology": "super sharp" and "SAOSA" have become famous trademarks in the industry, and "SAOSA" has leapt to the top of the international well-known brand of sandwich

"super sharp", as the leading brand of laminated glass functional film, is a product that has been certified by European CE standard for 10 consecutive years in China. The product series has passed many professional tests such as en 356, EN ISO, en 12600, en 1063, etc. This series of test data is one of the most stringent international standards, among which the irradiation test data in the aging resistance project is the national standard (gb15763.) 20 times, that is, the aging resistance under simulated outdoor natural environment can provide customers with up to 50 years of protection

en ISO certification: 50 year aging

en 1063 certification: bulletproof

en 12600 certification: face impact

en 356 certification: steel ball strike

sgs certification: non toxic, environmental protection

* passed the national standard gb15763 of "national safety glass quality supervision and inspection center" Testing

* sandwich brands certified by the "European CE" standard

* world famous brands in the laminated glass industry

* sandwich brands exported to Europe and the United States developed countries

* the quality of the sandwich is underwritten by "Ping An Property Insurance Company of China"

uv-s high permeability type: building doors and windows, airport bridges, waiting halls, food cabinets, commodity display cabinets, special-shaped art glass, embossed laminated glass Filigree/silk/plant/bamboo laminated glass, curved glass, office/home partition, glass stone, home decoration, kitchen baffle, splash baffle, dimming glass, mirror, glass blackboard, color laminated glass

UV-H impact resistant: curtain wall, skylight, ceiling, roof, floor, shower room, luxury store counter, store facade, heavy machinery windows, yacht doors and windows, led glass, swimming pool guardrail Glass metal handrails, frameless glass, aquarium, glass bridge deck, Low-E laminated glass, hollow laminated glass, hurricane proof glass, snow storm proof glass

UV-B bulletproof type: windshield of armored vehicles, side windows, bulletproof doors and windows, government buildings, financial banks, detention centers, courts, prisons, museums, cultural relics, high-end luxury goods, celebrity residential courtyards Bulletproof baffle in public speaking occasions

uv-bl ice cracked type: decorative art ice cracked glass, table top ice cracked glass, entertainment places

uv-jb basic type: door, window

curved surface of laminated glass, Australia

Australian curved laminated glass

color resin laminated glass of College's logo, Australia

Color laminated glass of Notre Dame College of Australia

3100*2800mm Jumbo dimension of temporary laminated glass, Jordan

Jordan commercial complex ceiling tempered laminated glass 3100*2800mm

skylight of shopping center, Bengal

roof of Bengal shopping center

windscreen of yacht, Australian

windscreen and windows for 1st driverless train in Sydney, Australia

curved windshield and windows of the leading driverless train in Sydney, Australia

Art laminated glass of leaves modeling, Australian

Australian color art laminated glass leaves style

curtain wall laminated glass of Israel exhibition in the World Expo., Shanghai

laminated glass curtain wall of Cairo Airport glass corridor? And waiting hall, Egypt

Egypt Cairo Airport corridor and terminal safety laminated glass

shop front and display? Cabinet for Cartier, France

bulletproof laminated glass of Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

lounge bridges of Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

safety laminated glass of windows for Burj Al Arab, Dubai

window glass of Dubai sailing Hotel iamen, China

sound insulation safety baffle of BRT in Xiamen, China

skylight laminated glass, Bangladesh

laminated glass for shop front door, Bangladesh

Bangladesh facade safety laminated glass

Custom complex geometric shapes and curved laminated glass - 1

Custom curved laminated glass

3200*800mm complex geometric shapes and curved laminated glass - 2

3200*800mm curved laminated glass

crack laminated glass

glass laminated marble

new composite sandwich material of glass and stone

L Aminated glass with plant insert

plant laminated glass

curtain walls of China Construction Bank Xiamen Branch, China

China Construction Bank Xiamen branch office building glass curtain wall

Shenzhen International Exhibition, China

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center glass curtain wall

line 2 Tianjin subway, China

glass roof and curtain wall of Tianjin Metro Line 2, China

maintained and repaired of laminated glass for Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in Hong Kong

safety laminated glass of subway platform in Hong Kong, China

curved laminate perfect government service function D glass of skylight, Indonesia

Indonesia curved laminated glass roof

Australian heavy machinery glazing, Australia

windscreen of harvesting ploughing machine, Australia

Australian United harvest and ploughing conveyor window glass

bulletproof glass window of UAE armored vehicle

windscreen bulletproof glass of armored vehicle, UAE

bulletproof window glass of Afghan armoured personnel carrier, Afghanistan

bulletproof window of Chevrolet SUV in the United States

Chevrolet SUVs bulletproof windshield and side windows, USA

similar to ultra-high molecular polyurethane in terms of tensile strength, fracture elongation and hardness

safety glass guardrail of frameless swimming pool in Australia

frames swimming pool, Australia

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