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Efficient and economical material PET recycling equipment will be launched

protec polymer processing will focus on a variety of flexible and economical material processing solutions for the plastic processing industry, as well as PET recycling production devices. The new metering and mixing system somosbb 500 batch metering device is particularly suitable for feeding multiple groups of mixtures for injection molding machines and extruders, which will be the last day of Chinaplas tomorrow. Up to 4 free flowing components can be treated, and the maximum treatment capacity is about 500kg/h (unit weight is 0.6kg/l). The device is directly installed at the material inlet of the processing machine (or on the frame next to the machine), and can be equipped with Somos vacuum conveyor to automatically fill the feeding tank. Depending on the proportion of components, the accuracy of somosbb 500 batch metering device can reach ± 1% to ± 0.5% of the metering weight of corresponding components

the OHL process of recycling and processing pet pellets from PET bottle crushing materials will be fully displayed. This bottle to bottle recycling process mainly has two processes: continuous extrusion process and making the production process more efficient, and then intermittent treatment and extraction of pellets in the so-called OHL rotary drum reactor (a rotary reactor that can be heated and vacuumized). In the process of PET recycling, on the one hand, the pellets made are free of volatile pollutants (decontamination); On the other hand, at present, the international price of bone attractant materials is more than 8000 yuan per gram for post polycondensation (improving intrinsic viscosity). The acetaldehyde content in the recycled PET extracted in this way is ≤ 1ppm, and the comprehensive properties of the material are the same as that of the new pet. The "no objection letter" from FDA (food and Drug Administration of the United States) proves that this extracted pet recycled material is non-toxic in direct contact with food

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