PET bottled beer is increasing in the United State

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The United States: PET bottled beer is increasing

in recent years, some beer production companies in the United States have adopted PET bottles to contain beer, which has become increasingly hot

at present, the main companies producing PET beer bottles in the United States are: constar international company in Maryland, which mainly produces plastic bottle preforms and blow molded PET bottles with a three-layer structure. The inner and outer layers are pet, and the middle layer is high permeability MXD6. In addition, oxygen getter oxbar is added to avoid the infiltration of oxygen and greatly reduce the leakage of CO2; The olath branch of Great Plains beer company mainly produces three-layer PET bottles with barrier layer, with a production capacity of 15kt/year, and is ready to further expand production, otherwise a series of problems will occur in the later stage. The companies that use PET bottles to pack beer mainly include dony express beer company in Kansas. Its beer packaging is changing to three-layer amber PET beer bottles, and the existing filling equipment can still be used. Great Plains also recently adopted PET bottle packaging and distributed it to hotels, sports fields and entertainment venues through domestic retailers

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