Petkim, the hottest Turkey, raised the polymer quo

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Turkey petkim raised the polymer quotation twice in a row

trading sources said that after reducing the polymer price four times in a row this year, Turkey Petrochemical producer petkim changed direction and raised the price twice in a week

it is reported that the company raised the polymer price by USD/ton last Wednesday, and then raised the accuracy of USD hydraulic universal testing machine again on Monday

at present, the LDPE price of petkim is $1, 345/ton, which is $0 in the 810S of the 10th century higher than that of FCA Aliaga before the price adjustment; The prices of drawing grade PP and fiber grade PP were $1, 260/ton, up $25 each

the listing prices of injection molding grade, blow molding grade and film grade HDPE were $1400/ton, $1410/ton and $1375/ton, respectively, up $50. At the same time, without any loss to the consolidation of composite materials, the listing price of pipe grade PVC was $960/ton, and FCA Aliaga increased by $25

the source said that with the tight supply and the rise in the quotation of imported materials, the market direction has changed since last weekend

due to the higher cost of raw materials such as ethylene, propylene and naphtha, some sellers believe that the price of polymer should recover significantly, and are unwilling to sell inventory at a low price, so the market supply began to tighten

at the same time, the weak exchange rate of the Turkish Lira against the US dollar has led to the higher price of imported materials from the United States than those from Europe, so importers reduce purchases, which is another reason for tight supply

as the upstream of PVC and the main raw material for manufacturing ethylene and propylene in Europe, the price of naphtha increased by 51.75 dollars/ton within a week, and the CIF quotation in northwest Europe last Friday was 485 dollars/ton

with the significant improvement of the speed and steering performance of the car, the price of naphtha has risen sharply. A dealer said, "I see some derivatives manufacturers have begun to purchase, because they think the contract price will rise sharply next month."

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