Petrobras Brasil and polymer co build propylene pl

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Petrobras and polymer company jointly build a propylene plant

Petrobras recently said in a statement that it would jointly invest in the construction of a propylene gas separation plant with Brazilian polymer company (polibras). The heads of the two companies will soon sign a profit sharing agreement. 3. When installing this experimental machine, please place it on a solid bottom cabinet or concrete foundation. From May 15, the implementation of new energy vehicles will be assessed. The statement said that this device will be installed in the refinery of Petrobras in recap, and it is planned to be completed and put into operation in 26 months. After the device is put into operation, it will be able to provide statistics on the coaxiality test data of some existing PTFE film, chlorimide fiber, surface modification and film coating production line experimental machines to Brazilian polymer company every year, and provide 145000 tons of propylene for the manufacture of polypropylene fiber. Polypropylene is currently the core business of Brazilian polymer company

Petrobras said that the construction of this device will cost US $47million. In addition, they will invest another 170million US dollars to increase the polypropylene production capacity of the Brazilian polymer company's plant from 125000 tons/year to 300000 tons/year

Petrobras believes that this investment will return in three years

Brazilian polymers is owned by Basel. Basel is a joint venture between shell and BASF

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