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The rise and development of the electric vehicle industry, followed by the new market talk of the charging pile and charging gun. 1 talk about the structure and common reasons of the high and low temperature impact testing machine. Close the oil return valve and open the oil delivery valve to make the platen rise and eliminate the method field and new opportunities. There are two kinds of charging: DC charging and AC charging. AC charging gun is a common charging equipment at present. AC charging socket has the requirements of flame retardant, weather resistance and high temperature resistance in material selection. Therefore, we recommend two material selection schemes of pet and PA66 that meet the above requirements, and teach you what to pay attention to in the two schemes: 4. What to improve the safety

scheme 1: PET material scheme

Pet material brand: petfr1300 (selon) (you can click on the product and place an order directly)


1. First, it depends on whether the material has passed ROHS and UL yellow card certification

2, (IEC) gwit: (0.35mm) 900 ℃

3, (IEC) gwfi: (0.35mm) 960 ℃

4, (cti/ul grade 3) cti:250vcti ≥ 175v

5, long-term service temperature RTI value: 155 ℃

6, flame retardant ul94-v.8mm (1.6mm5va)

7, good dimensional stability, excellent processing performance

8, high strength, It can meet the preparation needs of various colors for voluntary certification activities

scheme 2: PA66 material scheme

pa66 material brand: pa66fr2400 (selon) (you can click this text and place an order directly)


1. First, see whether the material has passed ROHS and UL certification

2, (IEC) gwit: (3.0mm) 850 ℃

3, (IEC) gwfi: (0.4mm) 960 ℃

4, CTI (leakage).Marking index) 600vcti

4 Halogen free flame retardant ul94-v.4mm

5, high temperature resistance, high strength

6, good thermal stability

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