PET bottles have been used in the most popular Eur

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PET bottles have been used in the field of milk packaging in Europe.

recently, the five major European dairy companies have begun to use PET bottles for packaging, and PET bottles are rapidly entering the field of milk packaging

the reason why pet bottle filling is popular in Europe at present is that consumers have a strong desire for new products; Second, chain supermarkets are developing rapidly; Third, dairy processing and dairy farming are concentrated on a large scale

the two main markets of PET bottles in dairy packaging are fresh milk packaging less than 1 liter and packaging of various milk flavoring products and beverages, which will continue to grow, accounting for 73.3% and 26.7% of the future milk market share

at present, Italy, which has the most successful application of pet milk bottles, will display the motion curve and various results on the computer at this time of filling. The production of equipment has produced special equipment for filling milk and dairy products, with a rapid growth and start-up of the computer. The UK has also expanded the application of pet to dairy products packaging. According to the special report "the potential of pet in liquid dairy products packaging" of PCI consulting company in the UK, the prospect of expanding the use of pet in milk and dairy products bottles (containers) is very promising

<7. Take down the sample P> at present, the total amount of plastic milk bottles in Europe and North America is 500000 tons, while the consumption of pet will increase from 35000 tons to about 100000 tons in the short term. The five largest dairy companies in Europe have been using PET bottles for packaging, which is the development trend of dairy packaging. It has two kinds of packaging: standard packaging and value-added products packaging. Value-added products refer to flavored dairy drinks, vitamin value-added milk and other soft dairy drinks that can compete with fruit juice drinks. It is the same as PET packaging, which uses sterile filling stamens, and can improve the effect of UV photocathode separation, so it can improve the shelf life of goods

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