Petagain will use chemical technology to build the

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Petagain will use chemical technology to build the first pet regeneration device

this kind of plastic is suitable for compact or impact crushing equipment; While PE, PP, PA, ABS and other materials with good toughness at room temperature

petagain Co., Ltd. announced its intention to use chemical technology to build the first large-scale food grade PET regeneration device in the UK. The unit is planned to be built in 2009, and will use continuous chemical process to produce food grade recycled PET that conforms to the system fault and is regularly converted into thermoplastic packaging bottles or sheets. By 2012, petagain estimated that the unit would recycle 20000 tons of used pet waste per year, accounting for 3% of the European recycled PET market

at present, the demand for recycled PET in Britain greatly exceeds the supply, and the supply of recycled PET in Europe is conservatively estimated as the potential demand of 5/km; 20% of 70000 tons

foxcapital will act as the company's financial advisor to petagain, while the design, research and development company (DRD) will provide technical support

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