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Robot pet/magnetic resonance fills the international gap

recently, at the 21st international medical instrument and equipment exhibition held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center, the aviation non hygroscopic sky high-tech product developed by Beijing Yiren Saibo Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. - "lunar landing 1" robot pet (positron emission tomography)/magnetic resonance medical equipment made its debut, The application of aerospace high technology in the medical industry has become a new highlight of the Expo

according to the introduction, Beijing Yiren Saibo Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of high-end large-scale medical equipment. Using the patent of sun Qiyin, chairman of Yiren Saibo, and with the support of the Robotics Research Institute of Harbin Institute of technology, with the hard work of 20 experts including postdoctoral Zeng Haining for 10 years, they successfully developed the combination of nuclear medicine functional imaging equipment "lunar landing 1" robot and pet/magnetic resonance, Take the lead in applying robots to the field of nuclear medicine. The robot pet/MRI produced by them has independent intellectual property rights, filling the international gap. 4. Change the experimental machine to diagnose tumors, encephalopathy and other systemic diseases with a high detection rate. The main manifestations are: disease in the loading process and restart production without X-ray physical examination. The pet/magnetic resonance linkage initiated by Yiren Sebo in the world maximizes the relative fixation of posture and the accuracy of diagnosis

"it has been 30 years from pet to robot pet/magnetic resonance, and the clarity and accuracy of the robot pet/magnetic resonance image of Yiren Saibo are world-class", said Professor Zeng Jun, a Chinese Journal of nuclear medicine who returned from Yale University to engage in post doctoral research in nuclear medicine at the exhibition. The 21st century is the century of life science, and the integration of medical devices such as pet/magnetic resonance and aerospace high-tech means such as robots will certainly open up a new path for patients' diagnosis, treatment and health

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