The first large tonnage self-propelled semi submer

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The first large tonnage self-propelled semi submersible ship has been put into trial operation in the new area

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recently, the first 20000 ton self-propelled semi submersible ship designed and built by China, the "road of hope", was put into trial operation in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The ship is jointly invested by CCCC, CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., CCCC Tianhang Engineering Co., Ltd. and Zhonghe Property Co., Ltd. and built by Tianjin CCCC bomaike marine Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. Production of the

"road of hope" model will begin before the end of 2019, with a length of 156 meters, a width of 36 meters, a depth of 10 meters, a maximum diving depth of 19 meters, and a total lifting deck area of 4300 square meters. The ship will mainly carry special large-scale cargoes such as offshore oil exploration platforms, large-scale engineering ships, large-scale offshore engineering components, offshore wind power generation facilities and so on. It is reported that the ship's control technology is at the most advanced level in the world today. A large number of artificial intelligence technologies based on bus communication and optical fiber transmission technology are adopted. All controls can be remotely controlled through the computer visual interface, realizing the digital remote control of the whole ship, realizing the real-time visual communication between the ship and the shore based department, and completing the transmission of data and real-time dynamic pictures to the shore based department at any time in any water area in the world

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