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Since April 1, the newly revised law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution caused by solid wastes that are self-developed will be formally implemented. Because there are provisions involving excessive packaging, the new law is regarded as a "stop order" for excessive packaging of products. However, as the new law is not specifically aimed at excessive packaging, its practicality is not very strong. For this reason, the packaging standards for some related products will be born one after another, among which the moon cake will bear the brunt - it was learned yesterday that the national mandatory standards for moon cake packaging are expected to be issued before this year's Mid Autumn Festival

yesterday, I learned from WangGuojun, Secretary General of the baking Committee of Shanghai Food Association that the drafting of the national packaging standard for moon cakes has begun, and Secretary General Wang is one of the members of the drafting committee. "This will be a mandatory standard, which will limit the volume ratio and cost ratio of the moon cake packaging and contents. After the first draft is formed, we will listen to the opinions of all parties, and strive to report it in June and release it before the Mid Autumn Festival this year."

in Shanghai, 85% of moon cake manufacturers promised not to over package moon cakes last year. This year, the Interim Measures for moderate packaging of moon cakes, led by the Municipal Economic Commission and jointly formulated by relevant industry associations, will also be issued. According to the introduction of secretary general Zhuang, according to the feedback of more and more carbon fiber composite graphene preparation materials and parts manufacturers and consumers in the automotive industry, appropriate self-discipline measures for the packaging industry related to high-end health products, North and South supplements and other products will also emerge

2.3 it has good chemical stability to heat, oxidation, hydrolysis, etc

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