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China's first lightning proof intelligent valve positioner launched as a leading provider of new technology for process automation instruments in China, Shenzhen Wanxun Automatic Control Co., Ltd. recently developed China's first lightning proof intelligent valve positioner and officially sold it to the market. The technology of this valve positioner is leading in China, reaching the international technical level, filling the technical gap of domestic valve positioner with lightning protection function, and obtaining the lightning protection technology patent

The MVP lightning protection intelligent valve positioner is a new generation of intelligent valve positioner. It is jointly developed with German and American enterprises and adopts the world's latest electrical conversion technology and many of the world's latest technologies in the positioner field. The core component piezoelectric valve is visually presented to the user for manufacturing by the German manufacturer. The average number of fault free switches is more than 2billion. It has the advantages of power failure, gas The three cut-off reset and the three cut-off protection function at the time of signal, while giving full play to the function of bioplastic packaging materials, can save energy, fully meet the requirements of the national "energy conservation and environmental protection" policy, and can effectively reduce user costs. According to preliminary calculation, when the steady-state gas consumption of MVP is less than 36 L/h, one MVP can save 1408 kwh of power (128 kg of standard oil and 160 kg of standard coal) a year

the valve positioner has fully considered the application characteristics and actual needs of the majority of users. It has humanized design, simple operation, convenient installation, rich functions and high reliability. It can be easily operated and programmed without opening the shell; Optional indicator, the approximate valve position can be known from a distance; Automatic or manual adjustment of zero point and full scale; Flow characteristic curve can be adjusted; It has unique and practical functions such as self diagnosis and one click debugging; It has the function of automatically finding valve zero point and full degree, which can optimize valve control parameters to the greatest extent and improve control accuracy; It can also be configured to set various parameters such as valve characteristic curve, action mode, dead zone, travel range, off value, event status output, etc; High precision, up to 0.5%fs, much higher than the traditional valve positioner

it is understood that the product has passed the EU CE certification, the German Federal Academy of physics PTB certification, ex explosion-proof certification and other authoritative certifications due to the continued decline of downstream steel prices in the early stage. It can be widely used in the automatic control system in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, light industry and so on, and can successfully replace other foreign well-known brand products of the same kind

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