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In order to make the terminal adapt to the service standardization process of the new retail smart store as soon as possible, and master the marketing mind, signing script and skills of osheno products, a three-day & ldquo; Ou Shennuo

in order to make the terminal adapt to the service standardization process of the new retail smart store as soon as possible, and master the marketing mind, signing and speaking skills and skills of oshono products, the three-day "oshono cloud Business School 2019 quick talking elite special training camp" was successfully held in Jinan from July 15 to 16. Mr. Qian Jichao, President of the Shandong Branch of the cloud business school, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, marking the beginning of this training

Mr. Qian Jichao, President of Shandong Branch, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

during this training, more than 60 sales elites from stores in Shandong region learned and transformed together. This training camp adopted group confrontation learning PK, which fully mobilized the team's sense of honor and learning enthusiasm, making the students full of passion during the whole training period

students play together and get to know each other

game link

establish a team

as a member of osheno terminal team, you must have a good understanding of corporate culture, product knowledge, sales skills, new tools, etc. Therefore, at the beginning of the training, teacher jieyingdong, the general tutor of Oushennuo cloud business school, gave a detailed description of Oushennuo's brand positioning and corporate culture, which made the participants present have a deeper understanding of their own brands

the chief tutor of cloud business school, teacher jieyingdong, explained brand and culture

then, teacher Wang Yuzhu of cloud Business School explained in detail the "product knowledge of Oushennuo"; After that, Mr. Luo Jing interpreted the key points and details that need to be paid attention to in the sales process through theory and practice, helping each terminal student better promote order formation in practice

Teacher Wang Yuzhu explained the basic knowledge of products to the students

teacher Luo Jing explained the sales skills to the students

in this training, teacher Zhou Qirong, the director of after-sales service department with 17 years of after-sales service experience of Ou Shennuo, made a detailed interpretation of the relevant knowledge of the big board; Teacher Jie further unveiled a new generation of fast talking tools for everyone, and led the students to "subvert the traditional way of selling bricks in one day and become a top salesperson in three days"; Xue guanheng, a teacher of 3D cloud design, brought the students a wonderful 3D cloud design course, which made the students full of harvest

practical operation link

theoretical examination link

Team Presentation link

Team Presentation link

this activity also specially set up the links of customs clearance examination and practical operation, so that the students can enhance their understanding of the learned knowledge through learning and using now and strengthening practical exercises, so as to meet the terminal market with a more professional and excellent attitude. After the training camp, several students of the champion group came on stage to express their feelings, saying that they benefited a lot, gained knowledge and friendship

group photo of excellent team and Dean Qian Jichao

group photo of excellent students and manager Liu Zhenbin

as the event drew to a close, the organizer specially set up a "birthday party" link, which brought a special surprise to several ou Shennuo family members who celebrated their birthdays on the scene. Finally, in the laughter, the whole venue was full of joy, and under the songs of all the students, this training came to a successful end

birthday session

group photo of the College





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