Appreciation of decoration effect drawing of fashi

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In the era of individuality, people all want to have a home different from others, and use creative decorative design to deduce an exclusive space. The monotonous white background wall has been unable to meet people's tired aesthetic, and various interesting decorations are dotted on the wall, but the simple idea has achieved a dazzling design. Xiaobian has prepared several background wall renderings, and the simple wall is full of creativity and personality

in the small living room, it is very suitable to use white to render, but it will also feel monotonous. This background wall effect picture hangs all kinds of small decorations brought back by your travel on the wall, so you don't have to worry about where to collect them, but also create a wonderful wall. More importantly, it is particularly consistent with those ethnic costumes in the small living room, making the space filled with retro feelings

it's nothing to climb the wall with wood. It has formed a scale long ago, but now it also has retro implications. This effect picture of the background wall is built into a wall with gray wood, and it also exudes the rustic charm behind the sofa; All kinds of small holes made in the wall have become the best collection of decorations. The open windows skillfully introduce the outdoor natural landscape into the interior, forming a beautiful focus

at present, the most popular creative design is to reuse those discarded items and give full play to their best practical value. In this background wall rendering, those discarded pieces of hard paper are cut to appear in the shape of water droplets and leaves, and various interesting patterns are painted on it, and then integrated and pasted to form a complete abstract decorative painting, which exudes artistic atmosphere in the restaurant





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