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Electrician acceptance mainly includes several parts: the inspection of electrical boxes, appliances, switches and sockets. The following is the inspection and acceptance of the installation of electrical switches and sockets installed in the living room and kitchen, and the installation of electricity meters and electrical boxes in the bedroom and balcony. Acceptance includes the following aspects:

electric box inspection

electric box is one of the important parts of the whole electrician acceptance. The inspection of electric box mainly includes installation standard inspection, appearance inspection and electric box structure inspection

1. Inspection of electric box installation standard

the electric box installation standard stipulates that the electric box and switch box should be installed correctly and firmly, and should not be inverted or skewed; The electric box shall be installed vertically; The vertical distance between the bottom and the ground shall be greater than or equal to 1.3m and less than or equal to 1.5m; If there are multiple electrical boxes, the distance between electrical boxes shall not be less than 30mm. The specification of the electric box can be checked with support and angle ruler

2. Appearance inspection of the electric box

in the case of power failure, wipe the surface of the electric box with a clean cloth to check whether the surface is clean; Check the electric box for scratches and wear; Check whether there are stains caused by paint on the surface of the electric box

3. Electric box structure inspection

repeatedly open the box door and check the flexibility of the box door switch; In case of power failure, manually toggle each switch and leakage protector to check whether the starting operation is flexible; Open the front cover of the electric box and check whether the wiring of the electric box is neat; Whether the circuit mark is clear, etc

inspection of electrical appliances

electrical appliances are an important part of electrical engineering. Whether the installation of electrical appliances meets the specifications and whether the electrical appliances operate normally must be carefully checked in the acceptance of electricians

check the installation of electrical appliances. First turn off the main switch of the electrical box, and then gently shake various electrical appliances with your hands to check whether they are loose or fall. Then, check whether the installation position of various electrical appliances is accurate according to the design drawings of the owner and the layout of electrical appliances

switch inspection

every switch has its significance. If a switch is broken, it will lead to the operation of an electrical appliance or the whole area, so the inspection of the switch must start from the following aspects:

1. Check whether the appearance of the switch is damaged

wipe the switches in each room with a clean white rag to check whether there are stains on the surface of the switch. Observe closely whether there are scratches and damages on the surface of the socket. Then check whether the installation position of the remote pipe wiping switch is vertical to the ground, and check the verticality by measuring the distance between the switch and the ground

2. Check the operation of the electrical appliances corresponding to the switch

the master checks all the switches in the house, repeatedly toggle the switch, and check whether the switch is flexible. And observe whether the electrical appliance corresponding to the switch operates normally

after inspection, the switches of the whole house have their own corresponding electrical appliances, and they can operate normally. After turning off the switch, the electrical appliances stop working normally, which shows that the switch can effectively control all kinds of electrical appliances in the house

socket inspection

the inspection of the socket is mainly carried out from two aspects: the surface inspection of the socket and whether the power consumption of the socket is normal:

1. Check the appearance inspection of the socket

observe the socket. The master gently wiped the surface of the socket in the living room with his hand and found that there was a little mud, which was not damaged. When checking and wiping, be careful not to insert your fingers into the socket hole, and there should be no water in your fingers to prevent electric shock and leakage of the socket

2. Electrical inspection of sockets

the inspector plugs the electroscope into the sockets of each room one by one, and then pushes the electroscope button, and the electroscope light turns on. Judge whether the socket can be powered on normally by observing the lighting of N, PE and l lights on the electroscope. When inspecting, pay attention to the electroscope used must be compatible with its rated voltage and the voltage level of the inspected electrical equipment, otherwise it may cause wrong judgment





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