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On the smooth cement wall, the ground is pressed smooth. The walls and floors shall be roughened before laying bricks. Bricks cannot be pasted directly on the wall paint

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first, the cement should be used well for tiling. For those contracted to the construction team, special attention should be paid. They are not responsible for maintenance, and often shoddy. With inferior cement, each bag can be 5 yuan less, and they can earn about 200 yuan more. How to judge the quality of cement. One can look through. The paper bags of cement are well packed and completely marked. The marks on the paper bag include: factory name, production license number, cement name, registered trademark, variety (including variety code), label, packaging year, month, day and number. Different kinds of cement are marked with different colors. Portland cement and ordinary portland cement are red, slag cement is green, and pozzolan cement and fly ash cement are black. Second, twist the cement powder with your fingers and feel a little fine, sand and powder, indicating that the fineness of the cement is normal. Third, the color is dark gray or dark green. IV. there is no dampness and caking, and the production date of cement must be clearly seen

the performance of cement that exceeds the expiry date of 30 days decreases, and the strength of cement stored for three months decreases by 10% — 20%, reduced by 15% after six months & mdash; 30%, a year later, a decrease of 25%— 40%。 High quality cement, which can set in more than 6 hours, and cement that cannot set in more than 12 hours is of poor quality. If the worker tells you that the tiles one day ago can still be replaced, then the quality of this cement must be very poor, and some tiles may bulge and fall off after 2-3 months

if you are not sure, you can also do the setting experiment. Add appropriate water into the cement and stir it to set. After 6 to 12 hours, see whether it is caked. If it becomes powdery, it means it is inferior cement, which has deteriorated or expired. If you stick bricks that are easy to remove after a day or two, it means that you use inferior cement. There is no need to add glue to good cement, and it is useless to add glue to poor cement. Sticking wall tiles and adding 108 glue can enhance the adhesion between cement and wall

second, on the smooth cement wall surface, the ground is calendered. The walls and floors shall be roughened before laying bricks. Bricks cannot be pasted directly on the wall paint

III. when laying new floor tiles on the original ceramic tile ground, the original floor tiles must be knocked down before laying, otherwise it is difficult to stick firmly

IV. floor tiles are often paved dry, and wall tiles are paved wet

v. use light steel keel and cement board to wrap the riser. Stick tiles on the cement board and hang barbed wire, otherwise it is easy to fall off

VI. laying large blocks requires high technical requirements for workers, otherwise there will be empty drum phenomenon. Before laying, you must ask him whether he is sure, otherwise there will be big trouble, and you must use cement well

VII. Non slip ceramic tiles should be used in kitchen and bathroom. If the living room has a large population flow, wear-resistant ceramic tiles should be selected. Floor can also be selected for small flow

VIII. During construction, face bricks should be carefully selected, and those of the same size should be grouped together for use on a wall. If you don't do this, the quality of the bricks you buy is not very good, which will cause) uneven joints

IX. the height difference of the transition between the floor and the floor tile is not large, which can be solved with the door stone. The height difference is large, so it can be leveled with cement or solved with bedding treasure when paving the floor

X. special tools should be used to punch holes in ceramic tiles. First, use a hollow tubular diamond drill to drill through the ceramic tile, remember; This hole must be 1.5-2mm larger than the actual hole to be used. This kind of hollow tubular diamond drill bit is sold in various specifications at the tool shop in the building materials market, and the price is about 5 yuan. Use a hollow tubular diamond drill to drill through the ceramic tile, and then use an electric hammer to drill the hole according to the size of the actual hole




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