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With continuous discovery and efforts, imejia wardrobe has stood out in the building materials industry and become one of the top ten brands in the overall wardrobe industry. Do you know its five advantages

with continuous discovery and efforts, imeca wardrobe has stood out in the building materials industry and become one of the top ten brands in the overall wardrobe industry. Yimeijia's series of products have become the most intimate consumer confidence brand for consumers. Do you know its five advantages

environmental protection

customized overall wardrobe, generally adopts E1 grade plates, some plates even reach the international E0 standard, and the edge sealing glue also adopts starch glue with plants as raw materials to ensure that the total release of formaldehyde is minimized and is harmless to human health

improvement and sustainability of after-sales service

customized overall wardrobe enterprises belong to market-oriented brand standard management, and the after-sales products are guaranteed. Generally, the warranty period of the cabinet body is one year, and the warranty period of hardware accessories is five years, and lifelong maintenance and services are provided

price difference

the quotation method of hand-made furniture is arbitrary and generally does not depend on the detailed quantity of materials and accessories required, which eventually leads to the continuous increase of costs in the production process and the waste of materials and other components. The customized overall wardrobe of the exclusive store has scientific and transparent price calculation, the quantity of materials and accessories is clear, and the price is moderate and cost-effective. The style and materials of products can be flexibly adjusted according to the increased budget, and the customized production can be completed in strict accordance with the budget

production process

customized overall wardrobe is made of high-tech equipment such as precision cutting saw, full-automatic electronic cutting machine, full-automatic multi program edge banding machine through factory standardized production. The process is advanced and the quality is stable

style and material

customized overall wardrobe adopts formed plates, with clear lines, color and luster, which does not need late paint brushing and does not pollute the on-site environment. Its internal structure design is scientific and reasonable, which can provide the storage of neckties, buttons and other small items, with various functions. Its styles include classical, European fashion and other styles. The scientific mechanical design of the cabinet ensures the stability and durability of the cabinet

imejia advocates the theme of "environmental protection and health", promotes the healthy development of urban economy, integrates R & D, design, production and sales, and promotes furniture culture. Will be "e; Pursue perfect home space " Enterprise values, innovation, win-win, transcendence " Enterprise spirit, products " Environmental protection, health and good home - the enterprise concept, has become a leader in the industry




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