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In the current home decoration, many people pay great attention to the decoration of Feng Shui, especially when the new house is decorated; Many people don't like to buy second-hand houses because they are afraid of bad feng shui when the houses are decorated, so we must understand some Feng Shui when decorating new houses. Let's briefly introduce the house decoration Feng Shui and what kind of house Feng Shui is good

· Feng shui knowledge of house decoration

1 Wealth position

generally speaking, wealth position is in the living room, and it is related to the wealth and career of the whole family. The best place is in the diagonal direction of the door

2. Light source

lighting is also a great hidden danger in Feng Shui of house decoration. If the house is in a dark place all year round, it will affect the overall fortune. Good lighting and ventilation are necessary to maintain the basic problems of the house

3. Beam column

some developers design houses very strange. The place where the load-bearing wall is designed in the living room does not work, but becomes an obstacle. If it cannot be removed, it can be transformed into a partition, or an arch door and so on

4. Windows

when you open the door, you will lose money. Windows are also the most important part of Feng Shui in house decoration. In order to make home luck better, you should pay attention to the direction of windows during house decoration or use mascots to dissolve them in later decoration

· What kind of house has good feng shui

1 Houses facing

houses facing south are the favorite of Chinese people. Houses need to maintain fresh air and full sunshine. In houses facing north and south, you only need to look at the windows to judge the sitting direction. Usually, only one side of the house has windows, the closed side judges the sitting direction, and the other side is facing

2. House structure

the layout of the living room, the design of the kitchen and bathroom, and some basic house structures are more concerned. In Feng Shui of house decoration, the kitchen and bathroom doors cannot be directly opposite, the bathroom cannot appear on the left and right sides after entering the door, the door of the bedroom cannot be directly opposite the door, and the beam of the living room cannot be installed with chandeliers

3. Environment

in the feng shui of house decoration, we should not only look at the Feng Shui in the house in a narrow sense, but also observe the surrounding environment from a macro perspective. If the environment of the community is bad, it can not meet the basic convenience of life, but also has Feng Shui problems

4. Floor

floor problems are very troublesome. Some people say that floors 7-11 are dust zones, and floors 1-3 are relatively humid. Living too high and afraid of insufficient air. In fact, there is no need to worry about the topic of floors. If people with respiratory diseases live in the middle of the floor, it is OK

the relevant information about house decoration Feng Shui is introduced here. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible




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